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Miguel Sano detained in the Dominican Republic

The third baseman was reportedly involved in a hit and run with a police officer.

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Reports coming out of the Dominican Republic late Sunday seem to indicate Twins third baseman Miguel Sano is in a bit on trouble.

According to the Santo Domingo News, Sano was detained this weekend for a hit and run incident involving a police officer. After the officer asked Sano to pull over during a routine road check, Sano apparently ran him over. The truck Sano was driving did not have any plates, nor did Sano have any documentation. Sano was reportedly leaving a night club after 3:00 am when the incident occurred.

The rookie police officer is currently at a hospital with a broken leg.

It’s unclear if Sano is still in a Dominican jail, as KFAN is reporting, or if he is being asked to come back tomorrow to face possible charges, as the Santo Domingo News is reporting. Listin Diario is reporting that Sano was detained, but has since been released with the promise that he will return Monday morning at 9:00 am to discuss charged. They are also reporting that Sano has offered to pay all medical and rehabilitation costs for the officer.

According to KSTP, the Twins have said they are aware of the situation and released the following statement:

In any case, it appears to be yet another troubling incident among several the third baseman has been involved in over the past year.

UPDATE [October 8th,2018 12:12 pm]:

It appears initial reports of this incident were wildly misleading, and that the incident was an accident. Sano will not be charged with a crime. Read more here.