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Monday Morning Minnesota: Life after Mauer

Everyone get their milk jokes off while you still can!

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Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Everybody welcome to the MAUER ZONE! Please politely drink your complimentary 2% milk and enjoy your single slice of white bread as you enjoy these Joe Mauer related links.

  • In case you didn’t see his letter to Twins fans, you can read it here, assuming you can see through all of the tears. Then thank whatever deity or scientific theorem of chaos you may worship that it doesn’t have comments enabled.
  • Fox Sports gathered up all the tweets by ex teammates and managers saying goodbye.
  • Bobby Mueller of Call to the Pen talks about Joe being a top 5 Twin of all time. Can’t say I disagree.
  • Charlie Gillmer of The Runner Sports looks back at Joe’s career. Look at that starting lineup for during his debut! Joe was basically the link between the Twins of my childhood and the Twins of my adult childhood.

You are now leaving the MAUER ZONE! You are free to do whatever, maybe even try strawberry milk, but in your heart know that Joe is always watching.

  • The poor (and injury filled) showings by Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano this past season sound like they might be keeping the owners from going all out on free agent signings this offseason, per Dan Hayes at the Athletic (subscription required) or summed up by MLBTR.
  • Derek Wetmore for 1500ESPN looks at J.A Happ and Robinson Chirinos, two players who have been connected to the Twins in this early hot stove season. Their interest in a catcher doesn’t sound good for everyone’s favorite anything: Willians Astudillo.

This week’s soundtrack exists unlike last week’s because I actually remembered this time. Also NiGHTS is a good game.