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Monday Morning Minnesota: The cold stove

and how to avoid paying taxes.

Minnesota Twins Introduce Rocco Baldelli Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
  • The Twins Hot Stove is currently about as hot as the ice water sitting on my desk; which is to say “room temperature” because it’s been sitting there for hours while I drink sugar laced syrup drinks and slowly kill myself. The star tribune too is waiting for things to heat up once the Winter Meetings in December arrive.
  • You may have heard that Minnesota’s Double A affiliate has changed to the Pensacola Blue Wahoos (or as my 12 year old brain will certainly call them, the Penis Cola Blue Wahoos.) I’m not sure what a Wahoo is, but I’m certain that the blue ones must be some of the best. Our evil arch enemies friends over at Twins Daily talked to the Blue’s WaClues PR director in an adventure in learning.
  • The Boston Globe interviewed Rocco Baldelli about his planned managerial style. Baby Faced Baldelli is surprisingly candid in his statement that players buying in to analytics and the like has very little to do with him and a lot more to do with the player.
  • The Twins are probably not going to sign Bryce Harper or Manny Machado or the other biggest of the big names. The Ringer’s Michael Baumann looks at the Poor(less rich) man’s version of these names which would seem much more likely for a team such as ours to land.
  • Fangraphs community member Chuck Hildebrandt has an interesting piece on income tax. I know that doesn’t sound interesting, but signing in income tax free states like Texas can potentially save players millions.

Today’s soundtrack is from Sonic the Hedgehog during the roughly 3 seconds in 2011 when that franchise wasn’t trash.