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Tuesday Twins: Willians Astudillo has walked six times in the Venezuelan Winter League

How is this possible?

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins
Just imagine how proud Joe is.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Enjoy the following Twins tidbits:

  • Twins superstar Willians Astudillo is playing in the Dominican Venezuelan Winter League [Editor’s Note: Yes, I knew this was wrong since last week. I changed it now so please stop sending me messages. Thanks.] this offseason, and he’s unfortunately struggling quite a bit... psych! He’s actually hitting .331/.374/.477 with three home runs, eight doubles, and a triple over 35 games. He almost hit the the cycle the other day, and hell, he even has SIX WALKS!
  • Because I know at least one of you is wondering, he’s walked once so far over the 35 games, according to BRef.
  • How ridiculous can the Willians Astudillo hype get? Well, (apparently a part of CBS Sports) published a whole post about how he will be an elite fantasy baseball player in 2019. What a world.
  • Speaking of well-fed Latin Twins players,remember Carlos Silva? He’s in a bit of legal trouble over a basketball team he once owned.
  • Might as well keep this Latin Twins player thing going and point out again how badly Johan Santana was snubbed for that Cy Yuong in 2005. As much as I love Bartolo Colon... that shouldn’t be his award.
  • As only Johan Santana could do — and so perfectly do — he recently wished Joe Mauer a happy birthday on Instagram.
  • And as always, happy birthday, Johan Santana!