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Twins non-tender Robbie Grossman

I almost feel bad for him? Almost.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
Look into the light, Robbie.
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Twins decided to play a little game of musical chairs with their ten arbitration-eligible players ahead of Friday’s non-tender deadline, and it looks like only one player was left without a seat: Robbie Grossman. This does not some as a surprise.

Grossman, 29, spent the past three season with the Twins just being a “professional hitter”. In 2018, he hit .273/.367/.384 while drawing 60 walks over 129 games. Fun fact: Joe Mauer, lazy-person extraordinaire, only walked 51 times last season (and Max Kepler somehow lef the team with 71 walks, a fact I had no knowledge of until now).

However, while Grossman was a good walker, he was not a very good hitter, and his defense, uh, left something to be desired. I think Twinkie Town’s own Tawny Jarvi once described Grossman’s fielding routes as a hamster running in a hamster ball, which is amazingly accurate. If you’re more of a numbers person, Grossman had a -0.9 UZR last year, which is bad, but not as bad as his -13.8 UZR from 2016.

Hence, the Grossman era is over in Twins land. Personally, I will always remember Robbie Grossman for that one time when he... uh... that time he, er, that time he walked? Not coming up with much here, folks.

The Twins will now try to work out contracts with their nine other arbitration-eligible players to avoid an arbitration hearing. Those nine players are:

  • Ehire Adrianza
  • Trevor May
  • Taylor Rogers
  • Miguel Sano
  • Byron Buxton
  • Max Kepler
  • Eddie Rosario
  • Jake Odorizzi
  • Kyle Gibson

What was your favorite Robbie Grossman moment?