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Monday Morning Minnesota: The offseason is on

And the onseason is still off, I guess.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
  • MLB trade rumors’ offseason outlook for the Twins is a good summation of who is out and how much money is already spent. Joe Mauer’s contract is finally off the books, forcing every local man Stu has ever written about to begin their search for a new thing to be mad at. I wonder if he was to sign a cheap one year deal if people would still complain?
  • Speaking of Joe, Charlie Gillmer of the Runner Sports takes a look back at his playoff legacy, something that is sure to come up in a few years when Joe enters the HOF ballot. I would also like to take this time to reiterate my pledge that if Joe Mauer isn’t elected to the Hall I will call upon Amath’atishgal, the harbinger of doom, to open one of his million mouths and envelop this futile orb in the never-ending screams of the unseen ones. Or maybe get mad on the internet. One of the two.
  • Also from MLBTR is their list of this offseasons top 50 free agents. They predict some interesting signings for the Twins, who have lots of money to spend. Who do you think the Twinkies should go after?
  • Twins Daily has posted a sampler of their yearly Offseason Handbook. This bit is Aaron Gleeman talking about Max Kepler’s outlook. I’m not much for predictions, but I do expect Kepler to continue his 80 grade handsome.

So that’s baseball, or whatever. Have a nice week!