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Tuesday Twins: Derek Shelton will be back as bench coach

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The coaching staff is taking shape, sort of. Plus everyone’s fun free agency ideas and Jake Cave.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Tampa Bay Rays
Inhale the cap! Inhale the cap! Inhale the cap!
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Here are the links:

  • Apparently, after losing out on the Twins’ managerial opening to the young Rocco Baldelli, bench coach Derek Shelton wasn’t sure if he would return to the staff at all. According to a report by The Athletic’s Dan Hayes, Derek Shelton and Thad Levine gave Shelton more time to think about it and he realized he probably wasn’t getting a job anywhere else, thus agreeing to return.
  • In case you missed it, nearly everyone else on the coaching staff not named James Rowson is leaving.
  • Rhett Bollinger of actually thinks the Twins could afford to sign a big name like Manny Machado or Bryce Harper this off season, but they won’t do it because Twins.
  • Over at Twins Daily, Nick Nelson came up with other ways the Twins should spend all their money, which includes signing Josh Donaldson, among other things.
  • ESPN made a pretty darn bold statement about Jake Cave recently. I like it.