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Monday Winter Meetings Minnesota

W is just an upside down M so it works.

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Links Part:

  • As we roll into the Winter Meetings, don’t expect the Twins do do much of anything. LENIII of the Star Tribune relays that the Twins are merely looking for bullpen help and a full time DH if they can get one on the cheap. The previous signings of Jonathan Schoop and C.J Cron are the biggest it seems we’ll get. Part of me understands the sense, but a part of me also wants big dumb video game trades.
  • For Schoop’s part, Beyond the Box Score thinks he’s the perfect no-risk, high-reward signing. I’m inclined to agree. He’s one of many pieces the Twins have that have high upside if things go right (which of course it totally always does.)
  • And if the aforementioned things do go right, well they might just go extremely right. Michael Clair of’s cut4 predicts us as the 2019 AL Central champs. I’m willing to believe because it’s more fun than not believing. I love the Astudillo picture near the end even though he’s not even mentioned. This guy knows how to report about the Twins on the internet.
  • Prospect Alex Kirilloff literally grew up in a batting cage. Unsurprisingly his approach at the plate is advanced for his age.

The Other Part:

  • I made a video in which I read bad reviews of Target Field.
  • I don’t actually know how to edit video.
  • Watch it anyway.
  • Don’t make fun of my anxious chipmunk voice, I’m fragile.
  • I’m now embedding that video.
  • (Seriously though I’m deeply scared of speaking, even alone to a microphone, so I’m trying to overcome that and learn some video editing skills as a bonus so I’m going to keep doing stuff like this to become a better functioning adult and hopefully they get better and entertain you. Thank you for your co-operation.)
  • Here’s some flippin’ video game music.