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Monday Morning MinneSo Boring

Everything is slow again :(

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
  • According to LEN3 of the Star Tribune, the Twins are going to be boring for a bit longer here and wait for the market to develop further before making any more signings. I assume this means that the Twins will sign Nelson Cruz this afternoon to make everyone seem wrong. That’s fine, but it isn’t fun to write about. What about MY job Falvine???
  • The same link talks about the Twins interest in relief pitcher Kelvin Herrera whom you’ll likely remember from his long time spent as a Kansas City Royal. Signing Herrera would be very very in-character for the Twinkies as he is almost kinda old (it hurts typing that sentence as he’s 28 and the same age as me.) and performed poorly last year before ultimately getting season ending surgery. Still he’s young enough to potentially regain old form and would be another low-risk high-reward pickup. Go 28 Year olds!
  • The Twins did select someone in the Rule 5 Draft, it was just that it was during the AAA portion, which is perhaps the least interesting draft in the history of the various meanings of the word draft. Still his name is Dusten Knight and that’s a rad last name and I look forward to the opportunity to weave him into some Kyle Gibson fantasy world fan-fiction. You can read actual analysis over at Puckett’s Pond.
  • This article about NBA player/video game icon Charles Barkley has nothing to do with baseball, but I enjoyed reading about him and his good friend, a Chinese immigrant and cat littler scientist. Should have been a buddy cop movie, really.

Today’s soundtrack is the remixed theme from Space Jam that served as the title theme to Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden, which is the best game ever written.