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Thursday Twins: Get to know ‘em edition

Who really is Zack Granite, Wander Javier, and Chili Davis anyway? Come learn about them and more.

Ohio: Catcher Junior Ortiz of the Cleveland Indian
Fun fact: this picture was taken on my birthday
Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images

The”hot stove” is somehow still defrosting, and no one has anything to write about. Ergo, I there are limited links to share. The one thing that seems to be popping up a lot is player profiles. I think it beats the umpteenth “maybe there’s collusion or maybe the players suck,” or “Why doesn’t Darvish love us” article, so lets take a few minutes to get to know some Twins. Don’t worry, I did find you some other stuff too.

  • Rhett Bollinger recently profiled rule 5 pick Tyler Kinney and the chip on his shoulder.
  • Puckett’s Pond profiled rising prospect Wander Javier. Did you know he received a bigger signing bonus than Miguel Sano?
  • Meanwhile over at Twins Daily, Seth Stohs has been busy doing what he does: profiling minor leaguers. He has a recent one on RHP Prospect Bailey Ober and even started a podcast (gasp podcast!) where he talks with players. His most recent episode includes Zack Granite, Nelson Molina, Lewis Thorpe, and Chris Blessing. That’s quite the lineup!
  • You can get to know old friends too, because former Twin Chili Davis was hired as the new hitting coach in Chicago, and some people think he could be a big difference maker for the Cubs.
  • You know the Twins host a lot of “homegrown” talent, right? Bleacher Report ranked all 30 MLB teams by this measure, and uhm... the Twins scored really, really well. I’ll leave a little suspense, and make you click to find out just how well.

In lieu of a soundtrack, lets have some turn-of-the-century fun that fits the theme of this goofy post!

Third Baseman Corey Koskie

Closer (and current bullpen coach) Eddie Guardado

Shortstop Christian Guzman

These are the only ones I can find, so if you know where to get any of the others, please post them in the comments!