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Kent Hrbek weighs Super Bowl protein options

“Wings are a time-tested choice, but ribs? Man.”

Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Kent Hrbek is facing hard choices on Sunday, and the hometown hero knows that once a choice is made, there is no turning back.

“Ribs or wings, chief. Ribs or wings.”

Hrbek, whose family is hosting a small get-together for Sunday’s Super Bowl, is torn on the animal protein he’ll be smoking and grilling prior to kickoff.

“Wings are a time-tested choice,” said the former Twins slugger. “But ribs? Man. Can’t ever go wrong with ribs.”

The former first baseman, who has both a chicken and pork guy at local meat markets, says a decision isn’t likely until the absolute last minute.

“I’ve got marinades I’ve been fiddling with and both of them are knockouts,” said the two-time World Series champion. “The wings are a traditional Buffalo, maybe a little heavy on the cayenne, but brother, it’s worth it. The ribs are Carolina style, and I tell you what, I got this apple cider vinegar from a guy down by Red Wing. Does it all in a shed on his land. Makes all the difference.”

With the clock ticking, Hrbek says keeping all options on the table is critical to making the right decision.

“If you lean one way or the other two, three days out, you’re locking yourself into a decision that you can’t get out of. You sit down in front of the game, got a plate of ribs in front of you, meat just falling off the bone, but all you can think about is how good some freaking wings would be. Got bleu cheese and ranch in the fridge going to waste. Congrats genius, you just ruined Super Sunday.”

Hrbek paused and appeared to have a quick conversation himself. A slow smile spread across his face.

“I got a couple buddies coming over early on Sunday. Eric’s got a smoker. Screw it. Wings and ribs. It’s on, brother.”

Sources said sides, appetizers, and salty snacks would be determined by the visitors and whatever good deals there were at Lunds & Byerlys, Kowalski’s, and the good Cub Foods in Eden Prairie.