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Monday Morning Minnesota: Molitor, millennials and a third word that starts with “m”

MLB: Winter Meetings
Paul Molitor and some other presumed human person
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins have missed out on Yu Darvish after a lengthy courting process, and it hurts deeply. If I were a cat I would say “Yu have cat to be kitten me right meow.” because young cats are kittens and say meow, but also these words sound like other words one might reasonably expect to find in such a sentence. However, as I am not a cat, this whole thing feels very unnecessary and I should probably stop. BTW, links!

  • The Twins are frustrated that MLB’s investigation of the Miguel Sano case has yet to be resolved, but personally I think the Twins are prepared for his likely eventual suspension due to the presence of moderately good baseballer and all-around great human, Eduardo Escobar.
  • Also Paul Molitor talks about millennials (and other things) with the Pioneer Press’s Brian Murphy. That’s right “press’s.” Fight me about it.
  • Zach Duke’s wife told him to shut up, give up on his dreams and settle, except in a more inspiring way.
  • Athletics Nation thinks super-agent Scott Boras has taken the offseason hostage. More like Scott BORESus, am I right?