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HPMLD: Romero, Gonsalves, 4-man rotation?

All manner of notes on the start of the 2018 preseason

Horse Training On Balnarring Beach
this is on the first page of image searches for “spring training” and like I wasn’t going to use it
Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

The Hosken Powell Memorial Link Dump is always in the best shape of its life.

  • LEN3’s Twitter account has been a wealth of Fort Myers spring workout porn for those who need to see long tossing and whatnot. Gonsalves! Romero! Um, Bert!
  • You, Twins fan, may have heard that the Twins could really use starting pitching help, especially with Erv on the mend. You yourself may have even said as much. Well, at least to start, his replacement very well may one. Phil Miller has the story, which kind of makes sense given the April schedule but I blacked out after “no one” so I’m really not one to say.
  • The only actual personnel news from Thursday is that Kyle “Gibby, But Not the One from iCarly” Gibson lost his arbitration case and new closer Fernando Rodney reported to camp. WHOOOOOO! BASEBALL BABY! IT’S BACK!
  • Beloved former Twin Eduardo “Ed, But Not That Ed” Nunez signed a one-year deal with the Boston Red Sox.
  • Beloved former Twin “My Honest-to-God Name Is” Jeff Manship was cut loose by Cincinnati already. A season without Manship? This world is bullcrap.
  • It isn’t just locals carping about the Twins not doing hardly anything this offseason. Grant Brisbee noticed too and he lives somewhere in California I think? Anyway it was the entire division, not just Minnesota. Ryan Goins is mentioned.
  • I enjoy Deadspin’s Let’s Remember Some Guys series more than almost anyone except public radio and Sunday morning television personality Luke Burbank. Please enjoy this 1992 pack of baseball cards which includes “ovoid utility infielder” Al Newman and Tom “The Get Fucked Kid” Pagnozzi.
  • ESPN has a list. We like lists, especially when we’re starving for content. In this case, the list is the Most Important Player to Watch On All 30 Teams this year. For Minnesota, it’s...well, click.
  • Area retiree Glen Perkins started an Instagram for his woodworking projects. You can follow it if you wanna. He’s a good dude.