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Reactions to the Twins-Rays Jake Odorizzi trade

The Minnesota Twins finally got a new starting pitcher, and people have things to say about it.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays
They said what?
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Last night the Twins traded infield prospect Jermaine Palacios to the Tampa Bay Rays for starting pitcher Jake Odorizzi. It may not have been the deal Twins fans were hoping form but it was the deal they got. Quite frankly, it was actually a pretty damn good deal too.

Here’s what others around the web are saying about it.

Daniel Russell, the manager of SB Nation’s DRay’s Bay, had this to say:

The Rays make their living on flipping pitchers when they get expensive for prospects, and they specialize in acquiring “pre-hype” prospects. It was surprising when that meant David Price returned Willy Adames, or when Wil Myers returned Trea Turner and Jake Bauers and they only kept Bauers, but what are we to say when it’s a prospect ain’t nobody heard of?

The easiest explanation here is that the Rays were forced to make this move now because of salary, or because they have pitching prospects ready for the majors in spades, but what feels right is that the Rays went and made the trade they thought was best.

You have to wonder if the Rays had to make this move now, instead of at the trade deadline, after all the Rays will be waiting until May to promote any real prospect to keep that extra year of rookie contract control, but that speaks even further to how much the Rays must like this dude.

Will he be good? Are prospects ever good? Not really!

Trust the process, I guess.

Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press gives a very solid overview:

Odorizzi, who features a 92-93 mph fastball along with a cutter, curve and split-change, has fanned exactly eight batters per nine innings over each of the past three seasons. His nine-inning walk rate, however, jumped from 2.6 to 3.8 last season, and his fielding-independent ERA was a career-worst 5.43.

I still think it was a pretty darn good move.

Seth Stohs from Twins Daily gave his review here, and I think he’s pretty spot on.

What are all you feeling?