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Monday Morning Minnesota: Joe and Jake, but not that Jake (except that Jake is also mentioned too)

I’m good at concise titles.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins
Check out the major stubble; I am, so rocking this look right now
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
  • The newest of Twins, Jake Odorizzi, had a down year last year, but fangraphs thinks he’s just an adjustment away from returning to form. It is always nice when pitchers you acquire are good at pitching, I hear.
  • Phil Miller of the strib talked with Joe Mauer about his plans after this year when his current contract is up and also I am crying.
  • The Sports Daily looks at some dark horse MVP candidates for the upcoming season. The Twin on the list is probably exactly who you think it is.
  • Yahoo Sports talks about Nick Gordon’s new rap album. I’m way too white to tell if it is a good rap album (or a “pleasant listen” as rap fans would say.) or a bad one.

At his point I can’t remember what music I have and have not used. Here’s Chill Penguin. He’s pretty chill.