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Late Saturday Snow Stinks Links

This is a literal link dump; it’s stuff on browser windows I keep meaning to get rid of.

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates
People are realizing B&W images are cool, now. Took ‘em long enough.
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Greetings to all in Twins Territory! (This excludes New Mexico, most volcano lairs, and the eastern half of Guam.)

If you live in the ‘Sota (a shorthand I just invented and expect to get wealthy from), you are now getting snow. Again. Which is annoying. We’re actually short on snow for the season, and this winter hasn’t been cold by local standards, but I’m sick of snow now, and so are you.

So, baseball! Which the Twins played today, but not on local cable or radio, so it didn’t exist. Tree/forest dilemma solved, right there.

In 1911, Ron Gardenhire & Francisco Liriano played baseball in the snow! Well no, they aren’t that old (and Liriano would have had other issues making the team), but the Tigers once did!

Hey, how about baseball on ice? They’ve done this in Alaska. From 1893, the Roaring Gimlets beat the Pig-Stickers 62-43. Whale hunting has some downtime, I guess. Plus they didn’t have the Internet to be mean on back then.

And also in Brooklyn!

If that’s too old-timey for you, here’s snow pummeling a Cleveland/White Sox game:

In other Cleveland news, our old pal Mr. Thome has elected to have his HOF hat bear the simple “C” logo. Apparently, players cannot choose which team they’re bronzed in (invitation to bribery, and the HOF must maintain its sacred integrity!), but they can choose which team logo is used.

Jimmers chose the “C” hat, as 1) Cleveland is ass-canning the racist cartoon version, and 2) he is The Thome and he can do whatever nice guy thing he damn well pleases. This has apparently pissed off some Cleveland fans, or some people whose neck veins bulge with rage whenever anybody shows politeness to anybody else. Read the comments here, if you feel like destroying your computer forever.

St. Paul Saints owner Mike Veeck is fully on board. If you didn’t know, his dad was the guy who first put that cartoon on Cleveland uniforms. And, according to Mike, his dad would be 100% in favor of the change today. (When Curt Flood brought his free-agent case before the Supreme Court, Bill Veeck was the only person involved in MLB who testified on Flood’s side. Veeck lit up a big ol’ cigar in the Supreme Court. He was told to put it out. He stubbed it out on his wooden leg.)

Finally, if you’ll recall, the Twins had a big association with Hamm’s beer back in the day. It’s where both the Twins song and mascot come from. (If you don’t recall, this is a cool article.)

Apparently, Hamm’s is a thing among Minneapolis hipsters, now? I just saw this in a City Pages and grabbed it. You can read it here. I haven’t read it yet, as I intrinsically recoil in horror from hipster publications, but I might check it out eventually. I’ve still got an issue with Craig Breslow on the cover, which I mean to read someday.

Anyhoo, happy shoveling, folks! Baseball’s back on cable/radio tomorrow.