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Ervin Santana out 10-12 weeks due to finger surgery

The Minnesota Twins will be without their number one starter to begin the season.

Minnesota Twins vs New York Yankees
Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

It looks like the Twins’ number one offseason priority just got a bit more number oney-er.

That’s because news came seemingly out of nowhere today that the Twins’ current number one starter, Ervin Santana, actually has a bunk middle finger on his throwing arm. Apparently it’s been a quiet issue for some time, as the Twins stated that Santana got an MRI and x-ray of the finger at the end of last season. (Could this explain Santana’s poor performance in the wildcard game? Let’s just say that it does.) While ramping up in preparation for spring training, the finger was still bothering Santana, so he got some surgery on it last week in New York City. As a result, Santana will miss the next ten to twelve weeks.

Ten to twelve weeks from now is about... end of April, beginning of May, meaning Santana will not be the Twins’ Opening Day pitcher. The injury is also said to be “repeated cumulative stress” and not one, acute injury.

Santana was already the shaky “Ace” of a weak starting rotation for the Twins, so this is not good news. I, however, am trying to remain optimistic, so here are some potential silver linings:

  1. Maybe the injury will force the free agent pitching market to ACTUALLY START DOING SOMETHING.
  2. Specially, maybe it will force the Twins to actually get a starting pitcher, whether by free agency or trade. Heck, maybe they’ll get two starting pitchers?
  3. At least Santana is trying to do something about the issue now, instead of pitching like he did in the wildcard game for a few weeks and then getting surgery.
  4. It’s unlikely Santana will reach the 200-inning threshold needed for his $14 million option for 2019 to vest, which is probably a good thing seeing as Santana is going to be 36 years old by then and is already having chronic stress related injuries.
  5. Erm.... at least Santana wasn’t suspended for steroid use?

That’s all I got.