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Monday Morning Minnesota: Sano, Morrison, Mauer

Sano has 99 problems and Logan Morrison is somewhat indicative of them.

MLB: Spring Training-Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Todays soundtrack is BLEEP DOOP BOP BOP BAAAAAWA BOP DOP DOPPITY DAAA and I continuously try to vocalize this in the shower and its a good thing I don’t have a boyfriend or he’d leave me for how bad I am at it.

  • Twins Daily looks at how Miguel Sano is a player currently shrouded in uncertainty on all fronts.
  • And new signee Logan Morrison is a pretty good insurance policy.
  • In Jake Mauer news, Joe says “He’s bringing the family down” and also other quotes that are less funny completely out of context.
  • There are no active discussions between the Twins and Lance Lynn, per this tweet that says the exact same thing I just pointlessly typed to fill up some space.

Old Timey Baseballer of the Day: Ed Delahanty
Delahanty played from 1888 through 1903 and wracked up 69 (nice) WAR as one of the game’s earliest eminent sluggers. A pitcher named Crazy Scmit once said, presumably crazily, ““When you pitch to Delahanty, you just want to shut your eyes, say a prayer and chuck the ball. The Lord only knows what’ll happen after that.” Like many other Irishmen, Big Ed was kicked off a train for threatening passengers with a straight razor after downing 5 whiskies. He then promptly stumbled through some Canadian wilderness and fell over Niagra Falls and died. Yep.