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Thursday Twins: Buxton, Buxton, Buxton, and Slegers

Career advice, comebacks, retirements, and more.

MLB: Minnesota Twins-Media Day Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Thursday. These are links. I think that means this is Thursday Twins. Enjoy!

  • Byron Buxton took some advice from Joe Mauer and Brian Dozier last year, that may have literally changed his career. Who says this team doesn’t have veteran leaders.
  • Speaking of Buxton’s career influences, FSN has a nice breakdown of how coach Jeff Pickler has motivated and taught the Twins excellent young outfield.
  • According to Jeff Sullivan, Byron Buxton almost had a perfect season in 2017, at least in one aspect of his game.
  • LEN3 took a deep dive into the history of Twins 5th starter candidate Aaron Slegers. He threw less than ten innings over three years, and look where he is now. He’s also tall enough to make Joe Mauer look not tall.
  • I thought this happened awhile ago, but an old friend has officially retired, and will be a college coach. Good for him, but hopefully he doesn’t teach them how to waste time between pitches.

Music? You want music? Good, because I have a sound track for you. It’s another song I like, but no real theme either. Maybe someday.