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Tuesday Twins: Joe Mauer gave his MVP award to his parents

Because of course he did. Plus, an update on Ervin Santana, good defense, and Louie Anderson.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
“Mom was really the MVP anyway.”
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Yo, here da links:

  • Joe Mauer doesn’t display any of his numerous awards in his house... because he gave them to his parents. “My parents have the MVP trophy (from 2009) and a couple other things,” he told La Velle E. Neal III.
  • The Sporting News wrote about the one funny trick the Twins did to make them a playoff contenders (and it didn’t involved pills or powders... I think?)
  • Ervin Santana wasn’t expected to be back from his finger surgery until at least May but Twins Daily thinks it might already time to worry about it. The particular worry, I guess, is because Santana was maybe going back to New York City for a follow up visit with the surgeon who operated on him, but will see a doctor in the Twin Cities instead. It sounds more like a routine follow-up to me.
  • Minnesotan comedian Louie Anderson can’t decide if he wants to wear a Twins jersey or a Timberwolves jersey to his latest book signing.