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Game 9: Astros at Twins

Is that catcher groping his butt?
Is that catcher groping his butt?
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 7:10 PM CT
Telly: FSNO
Electromagnetic Waves: WCCO 830, TIBN, La Raza (Espanol)
Know Thine Oposing Particle Physicists: The Crawfish Boxes

Hello welcome to gamethread, I'm your host for the night: Some Bitch. I'm going to think of something to spice up this space at some point because I never have anything to say; nothing has sprung to mind yet. So eeeeeeeeempty space.

Today's Lineups

George Springer - RF Brian Dozier - 2B
Alex Bregman - 3B Joe Mauer - 1B
Jose Altuve - DH Miguel Sano - 3B
Carlos Correa - SS Eduardo Escobar - SS
Josh Red Dick - LF Robbie Grossman - RF
Marwin Gonzalez - 2B Logan Morrison - DH
Brian McCann - C Mitch Garver - C
J.D. Davis - 1B Byron Buxton - CF
Jake Marisnick - CF Ryan LaVarre Burton - LF
Dallas Keuchel - LHP Jake Odorizzi - RHP

Take a look, its in a book. The reading RAAAAAAAAAINBOW!