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Twins vs. White Sox game postponed again

Click here to find out if the Twins will ever play at Target Field again.

Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins
Happy Holidays.
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Welp, guys, Stu’s prediction is now reality — the Twins won’t play again until Sunday, and even that game might be in question.

I’m not quite sure how much snow has fallen here in Minneapolis overnight, but by looking out my window (I live in the same zip code as Target Field) I see it’s at least several inches and it’s still snowing quite hard. The National Weather Service says 8 to 15 inches could accumulate through Sunday, which is a bitch load of snow. I know Prince told us Sometimes it Snows in April, but really? It’s almost Tax Day.

Today is the first time two back-to-back games have been postponed in Target Field history. The Twins have yet to set reschedule either game, because got knows if and when it will ever stop snowing.

Rescheduling Options

More seriously, one of these postponed games will probably be made up when the White Sox come back to Target Field in June. The teams have a mutual off-day the Monday before the three game series that takes place June 5th to the 7th, so that is an option (the White Sox are in Milwaukee the weekend before, so a short trip). The two teams could also try fitting in a doubleheader that week, but doing both the Monday game and a doubleheader — five games in four days — sounds a bit much.

Another option would be having a doubleheader when the White Sox return for a weekend in September. That would probably take place on Saturday, September 29th. That series is literally the last series of the season, and could have big implications if the Twins are still trying for a playoff push.

If tomorrow’s game is also rained out and the Twins and White Sox have to make up three games? They are completely fucked. Sorry.

Rotation Implications

What do these postponements mean for the rotation? Lance Lynn is still scheduled to start Sunday, assuming the game actually happens. I assume the Twins will also still start Jose Berrios in Puerto Rico this week, meaning the order of the rotation will be jumbled compared to how it started the year. That always happens in the course of a season, though, so no biggie.

What about US Bank Stadium?

Folks have earnestly been suggesting the Twins and White Sox try to play a game at US Bank Stadium. Technically, it is equipped for baseball, since the Gophers Men’s Baseball team plays there and all — but folks, we’ve been over this. The Twins are not playing in that crappy baseball stadium.

Twins President Dave St. Peter even had to clarify this on Twitter because so many people were asking (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?)

They should have just never demolished the Metrodome.