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Sunday’s White Sox at Twins game postponed too

Have you looked outside?

Washington, D.C. Area Continues To Dig Out From Historic Snow Storm Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Soooo... about that Twins vs. White Sox game that was supposed to happen at Target Field on Sunday — that’s a no go. After the game was snowed-out on Friday, and again on Saturday, the game-planning people peeked outside their curtains once again and, like the rest of us, nope-ed the hell out of this situation.

I tried keeping watch from near my home in Minneapolis (YES I KNOW I HAVE A TERRIBLE ACCENT LEAVE ME ALONE):

I listened to some dumb-ass spin the wheels of his BMW for about an hour before he abandoned his car at the end of the street. Took another update video mostly to capture that, but also because it somehow got exponentially worse outside.


Ahem, excuse me. I was just outside with a smattering of random neighbors trying to push a not-used-to-the-winter guy out of a snowbank. We finally figured out he was still in park and fixed that, which made out mission much easier (still a lot of pushing required, though).

Sunday’s postponement bummed me out a bit because it’s April 15th, a day I always like to go to the ballpark. The Twins will postpone their Jackie Robinson festivities, though, as geez, darn it, there’s a ding-dang blizzard outside.

Ugh. I still have words to fulfill the minimum for a post.

So yeah, the Twins are getting out of this frozen hell-hole and going to Puerto Rico to take on the Indians at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Yes, it’s powered — in fact, Hiram Bithorn Stadium has remained powered the whole time because it’s served as a site for recovery in Puerto Rico since the beginning. Baseball greats Bernie Williams and Carlos Beltran are expected to be in attendance. In fact, Beltran will be throwing out the first pitch.

Honestly, I’m thinking now that these Puerto Rican games couldn’t have come at a better time. The Twins are playing as the home team, meaning if these games weren’t being played in Puerto Rico, they’d have to be played in Minnesota... and look how well that’s gone the last three days.

This is a god send.