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Puerto Rico has lost all power, but the game will go on

It’s a stark reminder that the island is still recovering and needs our help.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins Photo by Ricardo Arduengo/Getty Images

As the Twins and Cleveland visit Puerto Rico this week to play two games in San Juan’s Hiram Bithorn Stadium, there’s been a lot of talk about the devastation the island suffered last year during Hurricanes Irene and Maria. MLB and Puerto Rican players have done a lot to try and help the island recover, but it’s clear more needs to be done.

Case in point: The island apparently lost all power this morning.

A loss of power to the whole island is heartbreaking, considering these hurricanes happened over six months ago. This kind of thing should not be happening in America.

As far as Twins fans go, apparently many of the hotels there have generators providing power, and I assume many emergency facilities do as well. Hiram Bithorn Stadium — the central location for many of the immediate recovery efforts following Hurricane Maria — has emergency generators, and San Juan’s mayor vowed that tonight’s game will be played.

Though that may be comforting to baseball fans, I can’t help but feel guilty that so much effort is being put into making sure a game is played while people living on the island are once again without power. It’s clear they still need our help.

Here are some ways you can help Puerto Rico: