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Thursday Twins: If you (re)build it, they will come

The Cedar Rapids Kernels had fun (?) at the Field of Dreams, old friends turning into heros, hidden ball tricks, and more.

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15th Anniversary DVD Release Celebration Of 'Field of Dreams'
Totally not creepy at all. Nope.
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

How about that game last night?

  • The “Field of Dreams” was vandalized a few months ago, when some jerk decided drive on it in his truck. Recently, volunteers including the Twin’s Low-A affiliate at Cedar Rapids helped to rebuild it. The Kernel's GM, Scott Wilson, was quoted saying “To get to walk away and see your sense of accomplishment later, it’ll be super cool. And to see all these people working together -- baseball is a family, whether it’s a movie or otherwise, so we’re all attached.”
  • Old friend Blaine Boyer is very cool under pressure, and helped save the day for the Royals the other day — literally jumping into action after the bus driver was injured by falling ice. Here is a bare-bones story, and a really, really good one, but that better one is hiding behind The Athletic’s paywall.
  • In the “minor league baseball is way more fun” department, Jermaine Curtis, of the Rochester Red Wings (No, I hadn’t really heard of him either) pulled off the old hidden ball trick at third base the other night, with the base loaded. DJ Baxendale, who I have heard of, was on the mound, and helped sell the whole thing. Check out the video here (even the camera guy was a little fooled).
  • Tiger’s manager Ron Gardenhire, has reportedly discovered Meijer. Our sister site, Bless You Boys, has the exclusive on what happened next, and it’s can’t miss reading.
  • Eduardo Escobar got to meet one of his favorite celebrities in Puerto Rico

And yeah, my reaction was basically the same as Dan Hayes’

You folks having fun today? Hopefully not too much fun! I ain’t never had too much fun...