Rochester Red Wings 2018 Opening Day Roster

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Click on this link for the full roster! The Red Wings got value from an intern this year. They put the entire roster on a pdf with mini-capsules on each player. Pretty Slick!


SP - Fernando Romero - Is the highest ranked prospect to make the AAA roster. Hoping he stays healthy and puts in innings.

SP - Meja vs Slegers - If the Twins need a spot start they might turn to one of these guys instead of Romero. I'd like to see Meja step up and be a solid #4 - #3 MLB pitcher.

Bullpen - Busenitz, Curtiss, Duffey or Reed. Who gets the call if the Twins need Bullpen help? My money is on Busenitz.

Infield - Can Vargas mash and regain the title of "the next David Ortiz?" Who the heck is going to play SS for the Red Wings? The Red Wings say its Gregorio Petit, but I think it could be Taylor Featherstone. Why does this matter? Twins MLB roster has an 80 game hole in the infield. Someone is going to be needed for depth. If Sano goes down, do they promote Leonardo Reginatto? It would be a cool story as he been in the org for awhile.

OF - Twins are deep here. Zack Granite is gonna Granite. New additions Jake Cave & Nick Buss are guys I will watch. Anyone of these could be used if someone goes down.

Notables not on the roster:

The G-O brothers Gordon and Gonsalves will both be in AA. Gonsalves had a horrible spring but Gordon makes no sense to me. Why wouldn't they be putting him as the everyday SS at AAA and see if he can do it? He is young, so maybe they are being cautious. Also why didn't Lamonte Wade make the AAA roster? He OPS'ed .800 last year. He is not particularly young. I'm a bit surprised.

Opening day for the red wings is the 6th of April!