The Fort Myers Miracle 2018 Opening Day Roster

Hammond Stadium, where the Miracle plays. - J. Meric/Getty Images

It looks like they updated their roster, I don't see any kind of announcement, so my apologizes if I got this wrong.


Lachlan Wells is the biggest name of the starting staff as he repeats High A ball. Twins aggressively pushed him to Fort Myers last year. He didn't do great, got a bit banged up, made some OK starts. He is young, has potential and is from Australia, so therefore I like him. The pitching staff is full of 22 - 23ish year olds looking to put together a nice season and get noticed.

Lewin Diaz is the biggest hitting prospect. They say Fort Myers is a tough place to hit and that is unfortunate. This guy needs a big year. Travis Blankenhorn gets promoted. He will need to start off fast. There is a whole slew of infield prospects one level down so he should be looking over his shoulders.

Aaron Whitefield rounds up an unremarkable outfield. He is another young Aussie who is fast, plays center field and has hit well in the past. If he could cut down on his strike outs, he could become a nice prospect.

This roster has a whole bunch of guys who are most likely minor league depth guys. Prove me wrong marginal prospects! Prove me wrong.

On the 5th of April these kids will get their chance.