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Twins notes: LaMarre, Escobar, National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Also, one personal question for you to answer.

Cleveland Indians  v Minnesota Twins Photo by Ricardo Arduengo/Getty Images

Here are some notes to start your weekend:

  • The Twins have left Puerto Rico, but as evidenced by THE ENTIRE COUNTRY LOSING POWER ON WEDNESDAY, post-hurricane challenges remain. Maija compiled a list of organizations you can support if you want to throw a little money their way.
  • The photograph of Eduardo Escobar and National Treasure: Book of Secrets star Nicolas Cage is already the stuff of legend. SB Nation’s Whitney McIntosh has a list of all the unanswered questions from their meeting.
  • The Twins have not announced if Ryan LaMarre, the Greatest Minnesota Twin Ever and hero of Wednesday’s 16-inning victory over Cleveland, will remain with the squad for this weekend’s tilt at Tampa. LaMarre was the 26th man for the PR series, so the Twins will have to make a move today. Complicating things: Byron Buxton’s migraine issue, Max Kepler’s knee actually annouced LaMarre is taking Buxton’s place on the roster, because he’s going on the DL.
  • Per LEN3, the team thinks Kepler’s knee will be alright.
  • As noted, the Twins will be playing baseball all weekend against Tampa in their indoor stadium. As astute fans may remember, the Twins didn’t play baseball at all last weekend due to the massive snowstorm that crippled half the state. Are you still baffled why MLB gave Minnesota a 10-game homestand before April 15th? I am, too!
  • That said, doubleheaders are cool and anyone who wants a roof on Target Field is a narc. The only workable solution, supported by every member of Twinkie Town’s editorial staff, is to bring back the Metrodome.
  • This is a personal question: When is it OK to start panicking about Logan Morrison? I know it’s a small sample size. I know it’s early. I know last April both Joe Mauer and especially Buxton were struggling. But good lord Morrison looks lost.
  • Tawny Jarvi had the best Joe Mauer-in-his-’Welcome to Jurassic Park’-outfit joke, because it also included Eddie Guardado:

We will update you on any roster moves throughout the day. Please enjoy an entire weekend of watching your first-place Minnesota Twins and not shoveling.