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50 questions for the neon shirt guy at Yankee Stadium

I’m asking these publicly because you ignored me.

I just want to get to know you.

In case you missed it, some guy at Yankees stadium has apparently been wearing yellow-green neon shirts with different phrases on them every night at Yankee Stadium. He spent the first two games of the Yankees-Twins series claiming Brian Dozier was going to end his hitting streak.

I tried reaching out to this guy on Twitter, but he didn’t respond. Hence, I’m just going to post 50 of my questions for him here, on Twinkie Town. Consider this post the neon green shirt of Twinkie Town, Mr. Neon Green Shirt Yankee Stadium Man.

  1. Do you make these shirts yourself?
  2. If someone else makes them, how do you ask for them to be made?
  3. Does the shirt-maker think you are weird?
  4. How do you decide what the shirts say?
  5. Where did you get the idea for the shirts?
  6. How long have you been making and wearing these shirts?
  7. Is there a real theme to the shirts?
  8. How much does each shirt cost?
  9. How do you get the shirts done so fast?
  10. Do you work in a shirt shop?
  11. If you work in a shirt shop, where do you get these tickets?
  12. Do you have season tickets?
  13. If you have season tickets, how long have you had them?
  15. Can I borrow some money?
  16. What do you do with the shirts after the game?
  17. What’s your deal with Brian Dozier?
  18. Are you trying to be the new Marlins Man?
  19. What borough do you live in?
  20. Do you regularly make shirts for other occasions in your life?
  21. Do you have a preferred font for the shirts?
  22. Do you ever reuse the shirts?
  23. How long have you been a baseball fan?
  24. What’s the secret to beating the Yankees?
  25. Why did that kid in left field have popcorn in his glove?
  26. Do you like to heckle?
  27. Have you ever used old shirts as rags to clean your floor?
  28. Have you gotten any of the shirts framed?
  29. Have you gotten any of the shirts signed?
  30. Do you feel famous?
  31. Has anyone approached you in the stadium about the shirts?
  32. If people have approached you, what do they say?
  33. Do you ever feel guilty about the shirts?
  34. Is neon green your favorite color or do you just do that for the attention?
  35. Do you go to the Yankees games by yourself?
  36. How about that Miguel Sano?
  37. If you don’t go to the Yankees games by yourself, who goes with you?
  38. What do they think of your shirts?
  39. Do you ever sit in the upper deck?
  40. What about the bleachers?
  41. Have you ever worn the shirts at another stadium?
  42. Where were you on 9/11?
  43. Does your family know about the shirts?
  44. Does your family support these shirts?
  45. Why? (In the most expansive sense)
  46. Do you ever make more than one t-shirt?
  47. Did you ever make a t-shirt for A-Rod?
  48. Do you ever get embarrassed about the t-shirts?
  49. Where do you get the matching hats from? Same place? Do you just have one hat?
  50. Has the Yankees organization ever contacted you, specifically about the shirts?