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Game 21: Reds @ Twins

The season does have 142 games left, folks.

Remember when baseball writers worried if this look was too "urban"?
Remember when baseball writers worried if this look was too "urban"?
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
Time: 7:10 Central. Vegas Line: -112 MIN / CIN +102
Weather: Partly Cloudy, Start Temp 52°
Opponent's Nice SB Site: Red Reporter
TV: FSN. Radio: Could be the day Danny and Cory kill each other, who knows

The Twins today face Reds pitcher Luis Castillo.

No, he’s not related to former Twin Luis Castillo (whose trade played a role in Johan Santana wanting out of Dodge). The Twins were scuffling that year, looking up in the standings at deadline time, and the team traded Castillo for Sweet Drew Butera. (Handing Castillo's infield spot to one Nicolas Punto; both he & Drew had Grit And Moxie to spare, not much in the way of hitting.)

That link's from an independent Mets blog, and I was astounded to learn that an independent Reds blog also exists, They actually have fundraisers and don’t post ads. That’s kinda quaint & sweet, not to be owned by Vox Media or the Meredith Corporation. I wasn't sure any such fansites were around, anymore. I've killed off every independent blog I ever wrote for. So it goes.

Red Reporter has a great name, and it seems like fans there are bearing the Reds' struggles with a pretty good sense of humor. I'd be inclined to prefer the independent one, as that's my way. But it doesn't allow cussing. I’m fucking opposed to such strictures on moral grounds, darn tootin’.

Castillo is a flamethrower whose velocity, and accordingly everything else, is down so far this year. Digits are career for him, last healthy season for Mr. Hughes:


Today's Lineups

Jesse Winker - DH Brian Dozier - 2B
Jose Peraza - SS Joe Mauer - 1B
Joey Votto - 1B Miguel Sano - 3B
Scooter "Scooter" Gennett - 2B Eddie Rosario - LF
Eugenio Suarez - 3B Max Headroom Kepler - CF
Scott Schebler - RF Eduardo Escobar - SS
Adam Duvall - LF Logan Morrison - DH
Tucker Barnhart - C Robbie Grossman - RF
Billy Hamilton - CF Jason Castro - C
Luis Castillo - RHP Phil Hughes - RHP