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The neon shirt guy at Yankee Stadium answered 50 of my questions

See? When you want some answers all you have to do is publicly ask all of your questions in a blog post.

The internet is a magical place, my friends?

If you watched any of the Twins’ series against the Yankees this past week (and hopefully if you’re a Twins fan you didn’t), you might have caught a glimpse of a Yankee fan in the stands wearing neon green/yellow-ish shirts with particular messages in black lettering on them. The TV cameras took note of this guy on Monday, because he wore a shirt reading “DOZIER’S STREAK ENDS TODAY”, and he reacted pretty badly when Brian Dozier’s hitting streak did not, in fact, end that day.

The neon shirt guy was back the next night, however, with another shirt that said something like, “NO, REALLY, DOZIER’S STREAK IS GOING TO END.” I don’t remember exactly what it said, but that’s close enough.

On the third night of the Yankees-Twins series this guy somehow had tickets right behind home plate, and it was really obvious because he wears freaking neon yellow shirts in New York City. I’m pretty sure those seats behind home plate at Yankee Stadium cost like $3000 a ticket, so at this point I was really starting to wonder about the neon shirt guy. Someone gave me his Twitter handle, and I tried tweeting some questions, but didn’t get (or at least didn’t see) a response. Hence, I did what any logical person would do, and asked him 50 questions publicly on my Twins blog.

Everything up until this point is perfectly normal, but here’s where it gets weird — THE NEON SHIRT GUY FOUND MY 50 QUESTIONS ON HIS OWN, MADE A VIDEO OF HIMSELF ANSWERING THEM, AND TWEETED IT BACK TO ME.

Actually, he made a couple videos, addressed directly to me and the Twinkie Town community.

(I’m assuming there are more videos coming, answering the rest of the questions. Damn, this guy is good at dripping out the content. I will keep you all updated on further videos.)

I am absolutely dying.

UPDATE: Video number two!

UPDATE: Video three!!!!!

Neon-shirt man is a good baseball fan, despite rooting for the poopy Yankees. If you so wish, you can continue following his exploits on his blog at or follow him on Twitter at @KPwatershed.