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Rays 15, Twins 9: We’re losing the fun, here

I’m all for the occasional loss, but not today.

Thousands View Flowing Lava In Hawaii
As people from Superior once sang to me: “Duluth. Duluth. Duluth is on fire. Burn, mf-er, burn”
Phil Mislinski / Getty Images

Minnesota had a lead in this game, against the team with MLB’s current worst record. Then, bullpen happened.

I’ve spent all of my adult life yelling loudly about equal rights for people who use wheelchairs. Then I made a totally garbage comment to TwinkieTown’s best athlete who uses a wheelchair.

It was not a good day.

The Twins bullpen could be in trouble, here, as bullpens generally are during losing streaks. Fire the manager, I guess, or fire the front office, or fire Joe Mauer. Be a dipslong-o-rama-sports-radio person, if that’s what floats yer boat.

Hey: science. CHECK THIS OUT:

If that doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will. It’s a camera we (humankind “we,” not ‘Murica we) shot at a comet in a giant delayed-explosion bomb, then got to stop at the EXACT RIGHT SPOT and circle that space rock. The background white dots are stars. The foreground white streaks are comet dust illuminated via sunlight.

Yeah. This kinda stuff is possible. Isn’t that wild? We’re not all screwups.

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