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Tuesday Twins: Brian Dozier tries to clarify his bunting gripe

It didn’t go well. Plus notes on the Orioles’ reaction, the Home Opener, and more.

Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles
Ironically, this picture is from a game the Twins played against the Orioles some years ago.

Happy random off-day Tuesday. Here are the links:

  • The Twins have been making a big, ol’ stink about the bunt hit Oriole catcher Chance Sisco laid down late in the game last Sunday. You’ve probably heard about it. Most Twins fans, it seems, think the complaints are stupid, and Brian Dozier told Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press that he’s seen the heat about it on social media. So what did Dozier do? He backtracked. Just kidding! He doubled down and tried to explain exactly what his position was. Something to do with the Orioles not holding the runners on the inning before. Yeah... It doesn’t make any more sense.
  • Meanwhile, the Baltimore Orioles commented on the whole hubbub, and they sound a whole lot more rational than the Twins. “The problem is the unwritten rules are written differently by 30 different teams and applied differently by 30 different teams,” Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph told the Baltimore Sun.
  • Cody Christie over at Twins Daily has gone through the Twins’ early schedule and predicted all of the outcomes of all the games. So why do we even need to play these things anyway?
  • The Twins Home Opener is on Thursday, and have you looked at the weather forecast? It could be the coldest opener at Target Field ever.
  • And if you think the Twins are considering postponing the Home Opener to the off-day on Friday, think again. Larry Divito, part of the Target Field grounds crew team, explained how and why Target Field should be ready by Thursday.