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Farm Report: Snow, snow, go away

The Twins’ minor league affiliates’ recent schedule has been heavily affected by the weather over the last two weeks.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

We are back with another farm report! Its been two weeks since our last farm report, in part because two of our farm teams play in the north and barely played two weeks ago. There have been some movement for some of our top prospects and some success and failure as well! Remember, all prospect rankings are according to

Note: The farm report will compare a player’s recent statistics to their season totals. Since I did not post a farm report last week, this week will show the last two full weeks for pitchers, but only the last ten games for position players. Basically, its a pain in the butt to calculate slash lines for two full weeks by hand, although there are sights that do it for the last 10 games for me. I’ll start putting these reports out weekly, making it easier to calculate without gaps

Rochester Redwings, Triple-A


Aaron Slegers - Season: 3 GS, 18 IP, 10/1 K/BB Ratio, 2.00 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 2 GS, 12 IP, 8/2 K/BB, 2.25 ERA

Slegers continues to perform well as the number one guy in Rochester.

Adelberto Mejia - Season: 4 G (3 GS), 9 IP 11/6 K/BB Ratio, 6.00 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 2 GS, 5 IP, 6/3 K/BB, 9.00 ERA

Mejia has continued a weird trajectory in terms of usage, leaving his most recent start after an inning with a blister that landed him on the DL.

Fernando Romero (2) Season: 4 G (3 GS), 21 IP, 20/10 K/BB Ratio, 2.57 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 2 GS, 11.2 IP, 13/5 K/BB Ratio, 3.38 ERA

Romero struck out 10 in a 6.2 inning outing on April 22nd, and followed it up with a decent 5 inning outing on the 27th. His pitch limit is still in the 80’s so it is good to see Romero getting into the 5th and 6th inning.

Dietrich Enns - Season: 3 GS, 14 IP, 10/10 K/BB ratio, 5.79 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 2 GS, 10/10 K/BB ratio, 4.35 ERA

A good 7 inning start in his most recent outing hopefully puts Enns back on track in case of an emergency callup.

Stephen Gonsalves (3) Season (AA): 4 GS, 20.1 IP, 25/10 K/BB ratio, 1.03 WHIP, 1.77 ERA
Last 2 Weeks(AA): 2 GS, 11 IP, 17/4 K/BB ratio, 3.27 ERA

Gonsalves earned himself a promotion to Triple-A both through his own performance and with help from the injury to Mejia.

Tyler Duffey - Season (AAA): 11 IP, 14/1 K/BB ratio, 0.00 ERA
Season (MLB): 2.1 IP, 1/1 K/BB ratio, 27.00 ERA

Duffey was lights out in Triple-A, and has been miserable so far back in the big leagues. I still think Duffey can be a legitimate 2 inning reliever in the bigs, but we need to see it.

Jake Reed - Season: 3.1 IP, 5/0 K/BB ratio, 2.70 ERA

Here is a shocker: Jake Reed is on the disabled list. Great potential... if he can stay healthy

Mason Melotakis - Season: 9.2 IP, 9/2 K/BB ratio, 3.72 ERA,
Last 2 Weeks: 6 IP, 4/1 K/BB ratio, 3.00 ERA

He no longer has the ceiling of the second round pick the Twins took him with, but he is a solid depth lefty

Alan Busenitz - Season (AAA): 3.2 IP, 5/2 K/BB ratio, 2.45 ERA
Season (MLB): 4 IP, 7/2 K/BB ratio, 6.75 ERA

Busenitz got the call for a cup of coffe and got hit hard against the Yankees. He’ll be back.

John Curtiss (20) - Season: 9.1 IP, 17/2 K/BB ratio, 2.89 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 7.1 IP, 13/2 K/BB ratio, 3.68 ERA

Curtiss has been solid in Rochester, with an epic K/BB ratio. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him soon if the Twins need to keep shuffling bullpen arms.

Gabriel Moya - Season (AAA): 3 IP, 4/3 K/BB ratio, 3.00 ERA
Season (MLB): 5 IP, 6/2 K/BB ratio, 10.80 ERA

Moya made the opening day roster for the Twins, was rarely used by Paul Molitor, and got lit up when he did find himself in games. He is back in Triple-A and remains the go-to callup for lefty relievers.


Jake Cave (25) - Season: .194/.269/.317, 1HR, 7 RBI, 11/20 BB/K ratio
Last 7 Days:

Like the rest of the Red Wings roster, Cave’s bat has been pretty silent.

Zach Granite (26) - Season: .161/.333/.161, 8/3 BB/K ratio, 1 SB (2CS)

Granite got put on the 7-day Disabled List with a right shoulder contusion.

Kennys Vargas - Season: .190/.329/.302, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 13/21 BB/k ratio
Last 7 Days:

Still not David Ortiz.

Chattanooga Lookouts, Double-A


Lewis Thorpe (12) - Season: 4 GS, 18.2 IP, 24/1 K/BB ratio, 5.30 ERA, 5 HR allowed
Last 2 Weeks: 2 GS, 10.1 IP, 15/0 K/BB ratio, 5.23 ERA, 3 HR allowed

Thorpe has a bizarre stat line— a remarkable 24/1 K/BB ratio that has been betrayed by a .349 average against while allowing 5 home runs in 4 starts. Maybe he needs to throw more pitches for balls to keep hitters honest? At some point his .436 BABIP allowed should hopefully regress to the mean.

Zack Littell (15) - Season: 4 GS, 18.1 IP, 29/5 K/BB ratio, 5.89 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 2 GS, 10 IP, 12/2 K/BB ratio, 6.30 ERA

Like Thorpe, Zach Littell has a great K/BB ratio but an astronomical BABIP allowed (.477). His numbers should improve and he could take a huge step forward with continued K/BB ratio success.

Kohl Stewart (18) - Season: 4 GS, 17 IP, 18/3 K/BB ratio, 5.82 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 3 GS, 12 IP, 9/3 K/BB ratio, 7.50 ERA

Stewart’s numbers are marred by one atrocious start in which he let up 6 earned runs in less than 2 innings. But then again, his numbers are elevated by his first great start. If you exclude the bad start he has thrown 15.1 innings with a 1.75 ERA and a 17/2 K/BB ratio. But since his first start he has thrown the 7.50 ERA you see above. We will see which Stewart is the real Stewart as the season progresses, but I think it will be somewhere in the middle.

Tyler Jay (16) - Season: 2 G, 2.2 IP, 2/0 K/BB ratio, 0.00 ERA

Jay’s stint on the DL was luckily shortlived, and he returned to the Lookouts with a scoreless outing. He still has the Fastball-Slider combo to move up the ranks quickly, and I could see him crack the big leagues this year if he continues the success he had in the latter half of the Arizona Fall Leage.


Nick Gordon (4) - Season: .354/.365/.557, 4 2B, 3 3B, 2 HR, 12 RBI, 3/12 BB/K ratio, 3 SB
Last 10 Games: .343/.361/.543, 3 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 1/7 BB/K ratio, 1SB

Gordon has continued to hit and hit for power so far in this early season. Its a great start for the young shortstop at an important time in his career. The only concerning number is a regressive walk rate, which may be due to Gordon trying to hit everything to get promoted.

Brent Rooker (8) - Season: .215/.235/.316, 2 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR, 1/26 BB/K ratio
Last 10 Games: .237/.256/.462, 2 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR, 1/11 BB/K ratio

Rooker is still adjusting to what is likely the most skilled level in the minors, but has started showing his trademark power at the very least. He still has an abyssmal BB/K ratio, but Rooker is a smart player and a hard worker and I expect him to turn it around. He is still seeing most of his time at firstbase, and only has one putout in four games in left field, for what its worth.

Lamonte Wade (13) - Season: .313/.405/.433, 1 3B, 2 HR, 11/4 BB/K ratio, 2 SB (2CS)
Last 10 Games: .375/.487/.625, 1 3B, 2 HR, 7/1 BB/K ratio, 2 SB (2 CS)

Wade has started to turn it on a bit here in the second half of the month, getting on base at an almost 50 percent clip in his last ten games. Wade is 24 years old and posted a .805 OPS in Double-A last year, and I’m honestly not sure what he has left to show at this level before making it to Triple-A.

Fort Myers Miracle, Single-A Advanced


Charlie Barnes - Season: 4 GS, 17 IP, 24/10 K/BB ratio, 4.24 ERA
Last 2 weeks: 2 GS, 7.2 IP, 11/7 K/BB ratio, 2.35 ERA

Barnes hasn’t really posted what we would consider a solid outing, having never made it through the fifth inning. His command has been spotty, which is not a good sign since that is his main calling card as a crafty lefty.


Lewin Diaz (10) - Season: .200/.224/.369, 2 2B, 3 3B, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 1/13 BB/K ratio
Last 10 Games: .184/.205/.333, 3 3B, 1/8 BB/K ratio

Diaz has struggled a bit to start the season, enough to have him sit for a few games here and there. His age 21 season will be a big one for his development and status within the organization, so he needs to rebound in May.

Travis Blankenhorn (14) -Season: .286/.329/.532, 5 2B, 1 3B, 4 HR, 5/21 BB/K ratio
Last 10 Games: .324/.359/.622, 3 HR, 2/9 BB/K ratio

Blankenhorn continues to punish the ball, recently having his first multi-homer game of the season. He has spent a bit more time at DH and 2B with the return of Luis Arreaz, and doesn’t have an error at either position in 15 games in the field overall this season. The only thing I find odd about Blankenhorn is that Miracles manager Ramon Barrego isn’t hitting him third (or even in the top half of the lineup) everygame.

Luis Arreaz (22) - Season: .091/.143/.091, 1/10 BB/K ratio

After suffering a torn ACL in the third game of his 2017 season, its not surprising to see Arreaz have to shake off some dust now that he is back with the Miracle. The kid hit .347/.386/.444 as a 19-year old in Cedar Rapids in 2016, so his bat shoudl come around. Originally a second baseman, he has actually started playing a bit of third base as well.

Cedar Rapids Kernals, Single-A


Brusdar Graterol (7) -Season: 1 GS, 3.2 IP, 7/0 K/BB ratio, 2.45 ERA

If the Kernals didn’t have enough prospects to force you to keep an eye on them already, they added Brusdar Graterol this week and the kid impressed in a 61-pitch outing. He was held back in extended spring training to begin the season because of an injury early in spring training and due to concerns about his post-Tommy John arm in the cold weather. The 19-year old is now up in full season ball, and while he will be handled with kid gloves in terms of workload, he will be an exciting player to watch.

Blayne Enlow (9) - Season: 2 GS, 9 IP, 5/4 K/BB ratio, 5.00 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 1 GS, 4.2 IP, 3/2 K/BB ratio, 7.72 ERA

The Kernels had multiple games in a row cancelled due to winter weather, so some pitchers like Enlow have barely seen game action.

Tyler Watson (21) - Season: 3 G (2GS), 12 IP, 12/6 K/BB ratio, 3.00 ERA,
Last 2 Weeks: 2 G (1GS), 7.2 IP, 11/6 K/BB ratio, 4.35 ERA

Watson has been able to get in to a few games despite the weather. He was great in a relief appearance and bleh in his start.

Bryan Sammons - Season: 3 GS, 13.2 IP, 14/3 K/BB ratio, 3.95 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 1 GS, 4.1 IP, 5/0 K/BB ratio, 10.39 ERA

Sammons was roughed up in his lone start that last two weeks.

Jovani Moran - Season: 6 G, 7.1 IP, 12/12 K/BB ratio, 4.91 ERA
Last 2 Weeks: 3 G, 3 IP, 5/5 K/BB ratio, 9.00 ERA

Moran got a decent amount of work in despite the weather but is still walking everyone he doesn’t strike out.


Royce Lewis (1) - Season: .316/.361/.386, 1 2B, 1 HR, 4/8 BB/K ratio, 5 SB (1 CS)
Last 10 Games: .357/.357/.429, 1 HR, 0/6 BB/K ratio, 4 SB (1 CS)

Lewis is hitting fairly well, having a four hit (all singles) performance on April 21st. His power hasn’t been there recently but its early and Lewis has been a devil on the basepaths. For those curious, he hasn’t played anywhere other than shortstop so far in his career.

Alex Kiriloff (6) - Season: .258/.296/.470, 5 2B, 3 HR, 17 RBI, 4/14 BB/K ratio
Last 10 Games: .231/.302/.385, 3 2B, 1 HR, 4/10 B/K Ratio

Kiriloff hasn’t had the greatest stretch of games the last few weeks but when he does make contact he hits for power, and has walked a bit too.

Akil Baddoo (11) - Season: .196/.375/.286, 1 3B, 1 HR, 16/27 BB/K ratio, 5 SB (1 CS)
Last 10 Games: .219/.432/.313, 1 HR, 12/13 BB/K 2 SB (1CS)

This slash line is something else. Baddoo recently had a four game stretch with no hits but 2 walks per game resulting in a batting average of .000 but an OBP of .400. As the Kernels leadoff man he is technically doing okay with his .375 OBP, but there is more to be desired. Baddoo is hitting .379 when he puts the ball in play, so he just needs to make more contact.

Andrew Bechtold (19) - Season: .220/.328/.240, 1 2B, 8/9 BB/K ratio, 1 SB (0 CS)
Last 10 Games: .114/.244/.114, 6/6 BB/K ratio

A bad few weeks has Bechtold’s numbers looking pretty rough. I think his bat should turn around a bit, but he continues making errors in the field (5 errors in 14 games) even though defense is supposed to be his calling card.

Ben Rortvedt (23) - Season: .256/.289/.349, 4 2B, 2/9 BB/K ratio

Rortvedt has only played 10 games due to the weather and his platoon, and has struggled since the snow days.

Jose Miranda (28) - Season: .172/.215/.276, 3 2B, 1 HR, 2/8 BB/K ratio
Last 10 Games: .175/.175/.325, 3 2B, 1 HR, 0/7 BB/K ratio

Miranda tallied his first homer of the season (and first at Single-A) last week, and has been bounced around a bit with the return of Arreaz as three players (Blankenhorn, Arreaz, and Miranda) split time between second, third, and DH.

David Banuelos - Season: .143/.234/.214, 1 HR, 4/16 BB/K ratio

Like Rortvedt, Banuelos has played minimally due to the respective catching and DH platoons, with only a dozen games under his belt. Banuelos has thrown out 7 of 12 potential base stealers in 9 games at catcher.

That’s all for this week! Your Twins prospect performers of the week are: Lamont Wade, Stephen Gonsalves, and the Weather!