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Thursday Twins: Logan Morrison thinks baseball belongs inside

Plus the changes Odorizzi has made, Berrios in elite company, home-road splits, and extra innings.

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Links links links! The Twins are getting some attention this week, so dive right in!

  • Logan Morrison doesn’t like the idea of cold-weather baseball, and thinks all baseball should be played in a dome. Meanwhile, Paul Molitor is trying to get the players to embrace the advantage that Minnesota weather brings, because of course he is.
  • Jake Odorizzi has made a small change to his game that could have big results. Michael Beller at SI looked at the increased curveball use in the right-hander’s first start, and how it can pay dividends for the Twins.
  • The Twins had a really strange home-road split last year. Michael Rand thinks that is one thing the team could change to help take the next step, and explored a bit of why that was.
  • Jose Berrios, Clayton Kershaw, and Jaime Garcia. Justin Verlander, Jose Berrios, and Dallas Kuechel. That is interesting company to see the Twins’ young ace-in-the-making listed with, and Craig Edwards at Fangraphs explains why Berrios’ first outing of the season was unique, and his performance could be sustainable. Not to mention, how he ended up in the same breath as some of the best pitchers in baseball.
  • Grant Brisbee wrote a spirited defense of extra-innings in the wake of a rash of bonus baseball being played in this young season. I still think its the sport flipping the bird to Rob Manfred and his pace-of-play obsession, and I love it.

Who isn’t looking for a sunny day? Take it away Mr. Rabbitt