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Mariners 11, Twins 4: Plugged Leake

A late-inning attack locked up the second game of the series for Seattle.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Minnesota Twins
Corey’s brother ain’t so bad.
Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This ballgame was closer for much longer than a quick glance at the score would indicate, but either way, the Minnesota Twins were schooled by the Seattle Mariners by a margin of seven runs on Saturday afternoon.

Jose Berrios began his afternoon with three perfect innings (including an expert fielding play on a bunt by Ichiro Suzuki), and it looked for a moment that the Twins would be led to victory on the back of another stellar performance from La Maquina. This, unfortunately, was not the case.

A pair of singles, a throwing error by Miguel Sano, and a two-out, two-run home run off the right field foul pole by Kyle Seager got the scoring started for the Mariners, who gave themselves a 3-0 lead in the fourth inning. In the next frame, a two-run Dee Gordon single would give the M’s a five-run cushion. After striking out Jean Segura and hitting just 77 pitches, Berrios was pulled and Paul Molitor went to the bullpen. Despite allowing five earned runs, Berrios only gave up six hits, walking none and striking out seven in an abridged outing.

The bullpen kept things interesting for a little bit. 2.1 scoreless innings from Gabriel Moya and Ryan Pressly meant the Twins could stage a quasi-comeback in the bottom of the 6th. Joe Mauer and Miguel Sano corked back-to-back doubles to put the Twins on the board and knock starter Mike Leake out of the game. Eddie Rosario singled in Sano, and then Eduardo Escobar plated Rosie with a single of his own after a nine-pitch at-bat.

With the score still 5-3 Seattle, the Twins put together their best chance to tie the contest in the bottom of the 7th. Consecutive singles by Brian Dozier and Mauer, followed by a walk to Miguel Sano (his third of the day) loaded the bases up for Rosario -- who was struck out by Juan Nicasio, who got Logan Morrison to foul out to end the threat.

This gave the Mariners a decent bit of momentum. Zach Duke started the 8th for the Twins, let Seattle load the bases with nobody out, and was removed after getting Taylor Motter on strikes. Trevor Hildenberger came into the jam and served up a bases-clearing double into the left-center gap: 8-3 Seattle. Next batter up, Guillermo Heredia smoked a two-run shot off the left-field foul pole, mirroring Seager’s drive from earlier in the game. 10-3 Mariners.

Both teams plated a run in the 9th, with Jean Segura scoring on a wild pitch from Tyler Kinley, and Ryan LaMarre driving in Ehire Adrianza with a single in the bottom half. Strikeouts by Sano and Mitch Garver would wrap things up, and the Mariners took the victory in the coldest game in Target Field history.

The series will end tomorrow, provided that snowy weather doesn’t derail the pending pitching matchup of Lance Lynn and Marco Gonzales. See you then!


1B Joe Mauer (2-for-4, R)

3B Miguel Sano (1-for-2, R, RBI, 3 BB)

LF Eddie Rosario (2-for-4, R, RBI)

RP Gabriel Moya (1.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, K)

RP Ryan Pressly (1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R)


DH Logan Morrison (0-for-4, K, 7 LOB)

PH-RF Robbie Grossman (0-for-2, 2 K)

RP Zach Duke (0.1 IP, 2 H, 3 ER, BB)

RP Trevor Hildenberger (0.2 IP, 2 H, 2 ER)


# Recs Commenter Comment Link
8 James Fillmore Hopefully so will the Twins’ bullpen
7 Daniel Carlson Winter Ball
6 wayback We secretly replaced the first baseman's glove with instant coffee, let's see if he notices
5 Theo77 Plate discipline!
5 montanatwinsfan [no title]
5 CG19 And runs will lead to hate, and hate will lead to the dark side
5 TJ Gorsegner Yup, there it is from Bert
5 TJ Gorsegner Talk about some pace-of-play
5 montanatwinsfan [no title]
5 Brandon Brooks [no title]
5 wayback The gatorade, having frozen solid, gives the hitter a concussion
5 wayback Remember when TJ speculated this could be a 2 hour 15 minute game?
4 WolvesFan03 Frustrating result
4 Brandon Brooks BABIP: The Game
4 wayback and I thought that joke stunk on the outside
4 TJ Gorsegner Doubles not found?
4 Can't Read Good Full disclosure, I'm going to be playing league of legends the entire time the game is on today.
4 TJ Gorsegner I thought Dick was about to say "Left Handed Bat"
4 TeamCrazyMatt Tale about George Stallings, former manager of the 1914 Miracle Braves
4 TJ Gorsegner Hard contact eventually turns into hits though
4 Theo77 Is it really 27 degrees?
4 wayback So all we need is a touchdown and two point conversion to tie
4 James Fillmore I say we trade Berrios for a proven fourth outfielder
4 wayback Someday we will have a better advanced metric for deciding games than who got the most runs
3 2wins87 And 4 Ks already
3 2wins87 31 pitches
3 wayback That was ... ugh
3 James Fillmore I was never sure what 96.3’s target audience was
3 EmeraldTwinkie OK, time to get some guys on base
3 Brandon Brooks Well, at least we've been making a ton of hard contact against Leake
3 SooFoo Fan Bert is fired up
3 CG19 He's still going on about it
3 MNWildcat This game is much less fun.
3 montanatwinsfan Ahhhhh, whiskey!
3 wayback 1994
3 James Fillmore LEN3 pointed out
3 Devereaux Personal home opener!
3 TJ Gorsegner but, would it be less unexpected than 3BB 0K out of Sano?
3 James Fillmore I see my doing the dishes did not help
3 James Fillmore 2-19 would be good, LoMo
3 2wins87 I don't know
3 2wins87 I know it's early but I kind of wanted to see Grossman in that situation
3 mefoolonhill Escobar is da man
3 TJ Gorsegner Moya keeping the "no sleeves pitching" thing going
3 kenzertz Career Hits Update
3 Joel Hernandez Hi
3 James Fillmore Best athletes on the field
3 wayback Stop hitting balls to people, please
3 James Fillmore Atteberry doing play-by-play
3 CG19 On the board
3 Coach Farmer Roadkill
3 wayback And his second, third, fourth and fifth
3 wayback GO TWINS GO
3 TJ Gorsegner Sadly, this sounds like something Manfred would propose
3 montanatwinsfan I hope you get sunburned all the way into your nether regions.
3 James Fillmore It was a savvy move by the general manager
3 James Fillmore Close only counts in horseshoes & hand grenades
3 TJ Gorsegner That is the silliest disclaimer of all time
3 Cbrolin good inning regardless
3 TJ Gorsegner nojinxnojinxnojinx
3 TJ Gorsegner If Berrios can more-or-less keep this up all season
3 Cbrolin what do you mean catch Cleveland?
3 montanatwinsfan I'm going to do some chores during the game - with the radio on THEN play League of Legends all night long.
3 wayback You are all under arrest
2 Coach Farmer Aaaaand I benched Seager today
2 EmeraldTwinkie Or a pitch-to-contact reliever
2 TeamCrazyMatt Can't be the latter
2 TeamCrazyMatt Unfortunately
2 TeamCrazyMatt I only saw one posted here,
2 wayback TRAP IT IS
2 TeamCrazyMatt Turd blossom
2 Joel Hernandez Just get a bullpen cart
2 Theo77 Is Sano going crazy or what?
2 TeamCrazyMatt Run, Run, Run, Jump
2 TeamCrazyMatt As long as it's not 27 degrees at the dark side
2 kenzertz I love baseball day games on the weekend.
2 Brandon Brooks Beautiful pitch
2 James Fillmore I really hope he can improve against LHP this year
2 James Fillmore Phil Hughes hasn’t lost any more bones
2 Joel Hernandez They should just wear sweater vests
2 James Fillmore Rodney started 21 games in the minors
2 SooFoo Fan All you need is just a little patience
2 CG19 Or not
2 Bb_referee I did not need to know...
2 Joel Hernandez What about at 420 degrees?
2 TeamCrazyMatt Furthermore,
2 TJ Gorsegner Its never lupus
2 wayback Don't believe it. Grass is not green at 27 degrees
2 CG19 Never mind, he didn't get pinch ran for
2 montanatwinsfan Ha Ha, 26 degrees at game time there. It's a balmy 36 degrees here, suckers!
2 wayback Bullpen is getting outs
2 CG19 The worst part was that the media acted like getting that bullpen of genius
2 wayback Could have used that K a little sooner
2 TeamCrazyMatt Mauer special
2 SooFoo Fan The Show 18 finally came in the mail
2 Coach Farmer ... A tauntaun?
2 CG19 He has a lot of each of the 3 true outcomes
2 montanatwinsfan omg this children's 'choir' is making my ears bleed
2 CG19 Sano has now reached 4 times
2 Joel Hernandez No need to picture it with me
2 Brandon Brooks JOB is...job'in
2 wayback Yay LaMarre
2 TJ Gorsegner Both were close though
2 TeamCrazyMatt When my dad and I finish our Strat play of the '24 WS
2 kenzertz When the Twins win on a walk-off, will they pour Gatorade on the hitter?
2 Brandon Brooks Can't be havin' that
2 TeamCrazyMatt That was the Worst Throw in the History of Today
2 Theo77 This is efficient pitching, eh?
2 TeamCrazyMatt That broke like
2 James Fillmore Maybe his parents also got the blank tile
2 kenzertz Hello, Motter.
2 TJ Gorsegner not great, Max
2 Theo77 yeah, its good.
2 James Fillmore Kiss of death
2 wayback And now Berrios, professional fielder
2 wayback Rzepczynski - is that his name or was there an explosion at the Scrabble factory?
2 James Fillmore He’s never projected to be the primary SS when Spring Training starts
2 blackmankitteh was Rosario
2 TeamCrazyMatt That is unfortunately correct
2 SooFoo Fan It's lupus
2 EmeraldTwinkie It will be nice when LoMo emerges from his slump
2 wayback NOT WINNING :disappointed:
2 Theo77 errors will haunt . . .
2 James Fillmore It’s still far from Dover
2 Coach Farmer We got a guy there
2 EmeraldTwinkie Ah, well
1 Brandon Brooks Wowza
1 2wins87 Yeah but make your defense worse as the game is getting closer?
1 2wins87 Yes, and why not for Morrison?
1 Brandon Brooks This game is far from over
1 TeamCrazyMatt LeVar Burton!
1 blackmankitteh do the thing, Miguel
1 Joel Hernandez I like the one episode of House
1 TJ Gorsegner Not a home run, Brian
1 wayback Mmmm-K
1 Brandon Brooks How nice would a go-ahead jack be right here
1 Brandon Brooks Go team!!!
1 TeamCrazyMatt The other Mauer special
1 James Fillmore Typo
1 Joel Hernandez I don't think you will hear the sentence
1 James Fillmore IT’S A TRAP
1 blackmankitteh I can't stand hitting for Kepler there
1 TeamCrazyMatt That fizzled
1 TJ Gorsegner High of 82 and sunny here
1 blackmankitteh well that's a good thing but not THE thing, Sano.
1 wayback Mmmm-KK
1 James Fillmore Paul the Perplexing
1 wayback That'll do, Mig
1 Coach Farmer That was exciting though
1 Coach Farmer Something something jumping off a cliff...
1 CG19 I wonder if Kinley will pitch next inning
1 Coach Farmer Me too, my guess is yes
1 CG19 Their job is to stop people from disseminating the accounts and descriptions of the games
1 wayback Provus jinxed it
1 montanatwinsfan well, poop
1 Brandon Brooks This has become a different game entirely
1 SooFoo Fan Oh
1 kenzertz They loiter.
1 kenzertz 12th Twins pitcher of 2018.
1 CG19 Something something disseminated
1 TeamCrazyMatt True Professional Hitter
1 TeamCrazyMatt Breaking news:
1 Cbrolin looks like we're getting more snow tomorrow
1 James Fillmore Ryan LaMarre, hit machine
1 TeamCrazyMatt Now 1-4
1 wayback And our fielders didn't do him any favors
1 James Fillmore Everyone at the game will freeze and die
1 TeamCrazyMatt Ump is 0 for 3 this AB
1 SooFoo Fan Well thats just how the basket spins
1 EmeraldTwinkie Well, that escalated quickly
1 Brandon Brooks Uggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
1 EmeraldTwinkie Oh no, LoMo!
1 TeamCrazyMatt Nuts
1 wayback Oh
1 James Fillmore Shoulda bunted
1 2wins87 Or maybe take a walk
1 James Fillmore Molly playing infinite-dimensional chess
1 TJ Gorsegner Berrios without sleeves, properly Grant-esque
1 SooFoo Fan So nervous
1 Brandon Brooks Welp
1 TeamCrazyMatt And there goes the thing
1 EmeraldTwinkie D'oh!
1 Brandon Brooks Wonderful
1 James Fillmore Just picture the audience in their underwear
1 James Fillmore Very fun games so far this year
1 kenzertz GO TWINS GO!!!
1 2wins87 Rosie's at least gotta hit in in the outfield here
1 James Fillmore Rally beer time
1 CG19 Now it is
1 James Fillmore We jinxed him
1 Brandon Brooks It is now
1 TJ Gorsegner Welp, this is sub-optimal
1 James Fillmore That’s what he wants you to think
1 SooFoo Fan They have veterans on the team and I'm sure they'll talk to him
1 James Fillmore Sacrilege!
1 Brandon Brooks Burlesque
1 Brandon Brooks He didn't HAVE to
1 2wins87 He was whiffing a lot early on
1 TJ Gorsegner 11?!? I'm behind, I only got through the first six
1 CG19 It's dark because there's no sun
1 TJ Gorsegner Its encouraging to see that kind of contact though, with the slump he's in
1 SooFoo Fan Don't take it out on your helmet, Logan
1 SooFoo Fan I hope it's the one where Krypton is doomed
1 James Fillmore None of the younglings here can remember that ad
1 Coach Farmer Had a .091 BABIP so far
1 montanatwinsfan These WCCO commercials are SO much less obnoxious than those Go93 commercials the past few years
1 James Fillmore "Contact" by Carl Sagan
1 James Fillmore He’s in there for defense
1 Brandon Brooks Sounds awesome.
1 Brandon Brooks Jose Berrios is a determined man
1 wayback And one-two-three strikes you're out in the old ballgame
1 wayback Suddenly De-Kepled
1 blackmankitteh Kepler has had a number of really great at bats so far
1 SooFoo Fan Oh my Berrios
1 TeamCrazyMatt jo-SEEEEEE, joSE joSE joSE
1 2wins87 Was Kepler the one that should have been picked off the day?
1 wayback Phew
1 TeamCrazyMatt I see Leake is still a Single-Digit Pitcher(tm)(r)(omg)
1 wayback Kepling his way to first base
1 wayback We didn't make Leake work hard that inning
1 2wins87 Two of the balls in play were smoked though...
1 James Fillmore I’ll bet the food is pretty awesome
1 James Fillmore Buehrle-esque
1 Brandon Brooks Instant rec for a Strat reference
1 TeamCrazyMatt Mariners are rolling well
1 Theo77 Ouch.
1 Brandon Brooks This has been one heck of a defensive game so far
1 2wins87 Damn
1 Brandon Brooks He didn't like Berrios' 3-1 pitch that wound up a homer.
1 Coach Farmer It probably is a fair criticism
1 Joel Hernandez No but it plays cheesy music in the background
1 CG19 True
1 wayback And the hits just keep on coming
1 wayback Danny and Cory lost power to the booth
1 James Fillmore Songs about love are more popular than songs about buildings & food
1 Coach Farmer Does the bullpen cart come with a robot that grabs the beer for me so I don't miss the game?
1 wayback Rally time
1 Coach Farmer But I have to walk to fridge dammit
1 James Fillmore Ichiro WTF
1 TeamCrazyMatt *hitting lefty
1 James Fillmore EE!
1 montanatwinsfan hoo boy
1 mefoolonhill Twins announcers
1 2wins87 God I love EE
1 TJ Gorsegner fair enough
1 James Fillmore Molitor...umm...
1 CG19 This inning is going great
1 wayback YES! Keep it going guys
1 TeamCrazyMatt ESCY
1 Brandon Brooks DOUBLE-E, BABY!
1 Bb_referee An image I'd like to remove from my mind.
1 Coach Farmer Agree, keep it posi
1 SooFoo Fan I think that error kinda messed him up
1 TeamCrazyMatt And that would be
1 CG19 Hopefully Berrios can get out of this and still go another inning
1 EmeraldTwinkie Blarg
1 TeamCrazyMatt oh Poo
1 CG19 Bullpen game the Wild Card game
1 James Fillmore Typical supervisor attitude
1 MNWildcat What is on Bremer's head?!
1 CG19 This is looking ugly
1 TJ Gorsegner The results would suggest that
1 TJ Gorsegner Go Twins Go
1 TJ Gorsegner Rumor says that "grass like substance" is actually grass
1 TeamCrazyMatt Brockabrellas!
1 TJ Gorsegner Fahrenheit?
1 TJ Gorsegner Fire engine red...
1 James Fillmore Umbrella hats!
1 Joel Hernandez Just have all the players open up umbrellas while on the field
1 Joel Hernandez When I see my plumber knock on my door
1 Coach Farmer Yeah, I did not enjoy that
1 wayback It's good to have pitchers who can control the ball just using The Force
1 Coach Farmer Yeah, a cold Grossman over a hot Kepler