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Javier out, Lohse retires, Sano (slowly) recovers

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San Francisco Giants v Minnesota Twins

What’s news in Twins Territory:

  • If you had to go to bed because you had MCAs in the morning, Minnesota’s winning streak ended at five last night. The main takeaway is that Jose Berrios is still working through some shit as regards his breaking ball. Here’s LaVelle:
  • Highly-touted and excellently-named Twins SS prospect Wander Javier is out for the season with a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder. LaVelle reports that the injury dates to last year but he attempted the time-honored rest and rehab this spring. That didn’t work. Legendary ligament fixer-upper Dr. James Andrews will perform the surgery, and Javier will be out 6-9 months. (Don’t say nice. It’s not nice.) Javier was the 5th-ranked prospect in the Twins organization and 97th overall by something called MLB Pipeline. I don’t think it’s a real pipeline.
  • This old-timey tweet featuring former Twins greats Bob Allison and Harmon Killebrew turned up in my Twitter feed yesterday. Just love to see those guys smiling and letting it all hang out.
  • Kyle Lohse, mortal enemy of office doors and a not-bad pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, retired Thursday after the Royals released him. Six teams and 16 years is pretty swell for a 29th-round pick who is also a member of the Band. (NOTE FROM STU: Myjah will delete this if I’m wrong as I defer to her and local shock jock Dana Wessel on Band membership.)
  • Buxton is back and Miguel Sano might be close on his heels. Might. Per Rhett Bollinger, he’s with the team in Anaheim and could return next week or take a rehab assignment.
  • I’m a big fan of Greg from Pinstripe Alley, but MAN does Grant Brisbee speak for me and I would guess a substantial number of the people reading this.
  • I’m reading Aaron Gleeman’s book about the Top 50 Twins and Disco Danny Ford isn’t in it. I’m putting him at 51 and Gleeman can’t do a goddamn thing about it.
  • Actual good news: White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar appears to be recovering from his brain aneurysm. And he’s wearing pajama pants like anyone who survives a brain aneurysm should get to do wherever and whenever they want in perpetuity.