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Tuesday Twins: Gardenhire wants to “whip butts”, uses Kelly Clarkson ringtone

Ron Gardenhire is back in town and he’s as entertaining as ever. Plus, updates on Phil Hughes, Miguel Sano, and prospects.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers
“It’s an inspiring song.”
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Ayeee, here are the links:

  • Hey, did you hear that Monday night’s game marked the first time former Twins manager Ron Gardenhire returned as a manager of a different team? “I’ve always loved this place, and it’ll never go away,” Gardy told reporters. “But now I have a job to do with my Tigers boys, and it’s to whip their butts.” Whip their butts. That’s a new one.
  • During Gardenhire’s post-game press conference the world learned that he uses a Kelly Clarkson ringtone (never a dull moment in a Gardy post-game press conference).
  • Gardy talked longer to Jeff Zulgad of ESPN 1500 about the changes in the game since he last managed. “I don’t even know you could [still get ejected] nowadays,” Gardy said. Gardy has been ejected twice so far this season.
  • Of course, it wasn’t just Gardy back in town, but some other former Twins coaches as well, such as Rick Anderson. According to Mike Berardino, Phil Hughes went to talk to Anderson before the game. After the game, of course, Hughes was DFAed, so...
  • Miguel Sano is inching closer to return, but the Twins are opting to keep his rehab slow. He served as the DH for Triple-A Rochester on Sunday, will play seven innings at third today, and a full game at third base tomorrow — assuming all goes well.
  • Fangraphs released their analysis of the Twins’ top 30 prospects yesterday. Check it out if you’re into prospects and stuff.