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Let’s name the 25-man roster

Are you up to the challenge?

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
he’s on it!
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

With the news that Miguel Sano has been reactivated, while Jake Cave has been sent back to Jake Cave, the Cave for Jakes, it gave me pause. I’d been speaking with my friend Jon, who is perhaps the most intelligent and well-read sports fan I know, and he was honestly perplexed at who all was on the Minnesota Twins 25-man roster.

And I was, too.

The chaos in the team’s infield and the Wonder Boys’ churn-and-burn approach to the tail end of the bullpen make it very difficult to name all 25 current active players accurately, even if you write about the team once a week.

First, though, I want you, the reader, to take a swing. Write ‘em down to the best of your ability right now. Here’s a picture of Jim Thome for you to look at while you scribble or type:

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Pencils down. I will now start typing off the top of my head. You have my vow that I am not cheating. The internet is not a place for lies.

Miguel Sano

Good Ed

Brian Dozier

Logan Morrison

Thicc Savior Bobby Wilson

Mitch Garver

The Other Good Ed


Max Kepler

Ehire Adrianza

Ryan LaMarre, the Greatest Minnesota Twin Ever

Kyle Gibson

Jose Berrios

Fernando Romero

Fernando Rodney

Lance Lynn

Jake Odorizzi

Trevor Hilderberger

Taylor Rogers

Addison Reed

Zach Duke

Robbie Grossman

Magill, who I only know because he pitched the 9th inning on Tuesday when I was at the game. I could not tell you his first name if you put a gun to my dog’s head.

I can’t tell you the other two with any confidence, so I’m going to guess the following:

Kennys Vargas

Hell, Tom Seaver

I’m now going to look.

RYAN PRESSLY GODDAMMIT HOW DID I FORGET THAT. And Gregorio Petit. Shit. He doesn’t even know he’s on the team, how can I be expected to know that?

It also turns out that Magill’s first name is Matt, and I misspelled Hildenberger.

Honestly, I’m thrilled with 23/25. How’d you do? Leave your number in the comments and your most glaring miss.