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Twins trade Phil Hughes to Padres for catcher Janigson Villalobos

All I know about the catcher is his name and I like him already.

Chicago Cubs v Minnesota Twins
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

So I bought a blender yesterday, and I woke up this morning at like 5:00 am and have been staring at my blender waiting to blend since then. Apparently smoothies require ice, however, so I went and got a bag of ice from the freezer the liquor store keeps in the parking lot next to my building. Their bags of ice are also apparently like 50 pounds each, which I was not anticipating. So after making smoothies, I carried the rest of the 49.5 pounds of ice back to the freezer in the parking lot.

Anyway, while I was putting the ice back the Twins traded Phil Hughes to the Padres.

As our resident Padres fan put it:

Yes. The Twins actually traded Phil Hughes! To the Padres. In return, the Twins got 21-year-old minor league catcher Janigson Villalobos, who most definitely has an 80-grade name. The Twins kinda need more catching depth, since Jason Castro tore his meniscus and will be out until next year.

You’re probably wondering how much of Hughes’ remaining $22-some million salary the Padres are going to pay, and guess what? You’re at the right part of the article! The Twins are going to pay most of it. I mean... yeah. Also, the Twins gave up like their third pick in the MLB Draft this year. Oops.

Personally, I’m happy Phil Hughes found a new home, even if it is with the Padres. San Diego is a beautiful city, and the team is on the ups. The Twins got a little more catching too. Good all around!

Way to go, Phil!