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Monday Morning Minnesota: Old friends and new roles

And also old roles and new friends.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday morning, in Minnesota. All of you non-Minnesotans can have whatever kind of day you want, but I still heartily suggest “happy.” Today’s soundtrack is like all of the keygen music.

  • Byron Buxton thinks he can be a .300 hitter and gee that sure would be swell. Also why do most Charley Walters article use a zoomed in photo of his face as the lead-in picture? Like wouldn’t it be weird if everything I wrote here started with the same blurry photo of me smiling like a goof?
  • In case you missed it, FSN did a featurette on Jose Berrios and he continues to be an adorable human person.
  • Kyle Downing for MLBTR wrote a really fun piece to think on about the evolution, or perhaps dissolution, of pitching roles.


May Denny bless you all with good fortune!