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Game 50: Twins at Royals

Kyle Gibson, master of getting no run support, hopes to maybe get some run support this time.

Max Kepler, overjoyed at the discovery of shadow puppetry
Max Kepler, overjoyed at the discovery of shadow puppetry
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 7:15 PM CDT
The first television commercial ever was before a baseball game, but not this one presumbably: FSNO
Did you know radio is a form of light?: WCCO 830, TIBN, La Raza
Don't have any dumb trivia for Royals Review: Royals Review

Welcome to Trivial Pursuit game-thread edition! Here are 5 maybe too hard questions to test your knowledge of things that don't matter at all to most people! Including me!

1: Who who the last hitter to hit for the cycle AGAINST the Twins. Bonus points for the year. Fun Fact: Paul Molitor did it in 91 as a brewer. (He's not the answer.)

2: In 2007 which Twins starter threw a one-hitter against the Royals? It was the only one-hitter of that year.

3: Which ex-Twin's name is an anagram of TOTAL MERCY? Or "Try Clam Toe" (Delicious clam toe, breakfast of champions.)

4: Which non-Giminez position-player has the most appearances all-time as a pitcher for the Twins?

5: Who was the only Twin to manage 5 hit games in both 1999 and 2000?

Answers will be revealed when you google them. I will compliment anyone who completes the quiz with a degree of niceness based upon your score.

Today's Lineups

Brian Dozier - 2B Jon Jay - CF
Eddie Rosario - LF Whit "Somehow my real name is even more silly" Merrifield - 2B
Miguel Sano - 1B Mike Moustakas - 3B
Eduardo Escobar - 3B Salvador Perez - DH
Max Kepler - RF Jorge Soler - RF
Robbie Grossman - DH Hunter Dozier - 1B
Mitch Garver - C Alex Gordon - LF
Ehire Adrianza - SS Alcides Escobar - SS
Ryan LaMarre - CF Drew Butera! - C
Kyle Gibson - RHP Danny Duffy - LHP