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Royal 2, Twins 1: 14 innings of disappointment

The result was inevitable, but hurt all the same.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Gibson pitched an outstanding game, but must be subject to an ancient pirate’s curse that makes the offense unable to do anything at all. Yes, pirates were really into baseball.

The Twins scored the first run of the day in the 3rd on a single by Miguel Sano. Ehire Adrianza scored and Brian Dozier was thrown out at the plate on a strong throw by KC’s LF Alex Gordon.

Gibson and Danny Duffy pitching dueled it up leading to an afternoon of disappointment for literally everyone. Both teams had opportunities and both teams seemed dead set not to take them. Almost as if they were scared of something. Something that science can not explain like, I dunno, A PIRATE’S CURSE?! Anywho Gibson completed the 7th with a 1-0 lead and a strong performance striking out 8, walking just 1 and giving up 5 hits.

Addison Reed came in for the 8th and it was what we in the biz call “a shit show.” Reed’s first three batters went single-strikeout-single. He then hit Salvador Perez on the elbow with the first pitch of that at-bat. With the bases loaded he walked Jorge Soler and the game was tied. Miraculously, he got the next two batters out without giving up a run. Kyle Gibson will never get another win.

The Twins had an opportunity in the 11th when Eduardo Escobar got hit by a pitch with two outs. Royals reliever Jason Adam managed get two strikes on Max Kepler, but the pulled 8 consecutive whoopsies and suddenly the bases were loaded for Byron Buxton. Who of course just flied out because the game can never be stopped. I may have fallen asleep here?

Boring stuff was boring and then Alcides Escobar hit a walk off dingerino off of Taylor Rogers in the 14th. The Twins have been walked off 8 times this season and that feels like a lot. Maybe stop that, guys? Okay whatever, good night!

Kyle Gibson who vanished after the game to face the dread pirate gang in mortal combat. Or Mortal Kombat. I don’t know which.
Matt Magill: 3 scoreless innings in relief.

The offense in general. Also pirate curses.


Good night and/or morning team!