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Royals 11, Twins 8: Welp, that happened

Romero gives up 8 runs. Offense tries but comes up short

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals
The Twins score 8, but comeback is not enough
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

I missed yesterday’s game but by all accounts it was a bit of a “poop” show. Well today the Twins decided to jump right in to the deep end of a big ol’ poop pool without a lifeguard on duty or even a floatie. The normally good Fernando Romero had his first really bad MLB outing. He gave up 8 hits and 8 earned runs in just 1 2/3 innings pitched. Romero only walked one, but also only struck out one batter. Fortunately the Twins had just called up Aaron Slegers, who relieved Romero, and did a nice job of keeping the Twins in the game for 5 13 innings. Nonetheless the Twins faced a 9-0 deficit after just 2 innings.

Little by little though the Twins slowly crept back into the game, wading gradually back to the shallow end of the poop pool. They chipped away at the Royals lead by scoring a run in the 3rd on a Miguel Sano RBI single, and again the 4th on a Ehire Adrianza double. Next they added couple runs in the 5th, including Brian Dozier’s 8th HR of the year. They would have an even bigger 6th inning scoring 4 runs, kicked off by a solo HR by Adrianza.

At that point it was a 9-8 ballgame, and it looked like someone had thrown the Twins a life vest and the game might actually be in reach. But the Twins decided they liked it in the poop pool and didn’t want to get out. Home runs by Hunter Dozier and Jorge Soler made it an 11-8 Royals game, while the Twins played Marco Polo or something, scoring zero more runs in the process.

All in all it is inevitable for every pitcher to have a bad day. And the Twins almost mounted their biggest comeback in franchise history, so I guess it wasn’t totally poopsicles.

Box Score and Video Highlights

W: McCarthy (4-2)

L: Romero (2-2)

S: Hererra (12)

Studs: Miguel Sano, Ehire Adrianza, Brian Dozier, Eduardo Escobar, Aaron Slegers

Duds: Fernando Romero :(...

People who forgot to buckle their pants:

Comment of the Game: James Fillmore

“I am not buckling my pants and you can’t make me”