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Should the Twins go after Matt Harvey?

The Mets just recently DFAed their once up-and-coming Ace. Should the Twins take a flier on him?

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
“I’m throwing!”
Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Once a potential emerging ace, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey has taken quite the tumble in recent times. Rather, I should say, former Mets pitcher Matt Harvey, because the team DFAed him yesterday. If I told someone that fact three years ago, it might have been surprise — after all, Harvey had a 2.71 ERA over 189.1 innings as a 26-year-old in 2015.

The fact the Mets DFAed the 2018 version of Harvey, though? Not so much a surprise.

Though he’s still just 29 years old, Harvey has been sucking ass. He posted only a 6.70 ERA over 92.2 innings in 2017, and so far this year he’s posted all of a 7.00 ERA over 27.0 innings. The only thing pretty about that 2018 number is that it’s round and exact. The Mets even tried moving Harvey to the bullpen, but it very apparently didn’t save the situation.

Beyond the numbers, Harvey’s name has also been in the tabloids because of some excessive partying. Almost exactly a year ago, Harvey completely failed to show up for a game because he was supposedly out drinking into the wee hours of the morning on Cinco de Mayo. You may remember that episode, because if forced the Mets to call up and DFA replacement pitcher Adam Wilk, who the Twins then claimed.

Just recently, Harvey made the tabloids again for being spotted stumbling around at a party in Beverly Hills. Reporters asked Mets GM Sandy Alderson about the incident later, and Sandy absolutely roasted the wayward righty.


Some believe — and they might be right — that Harvey may regain some of his former self in a new setting. Perhaps a place away from all temptations of New York City would be best. Since this is a Twins blog and all, here’s where I ask: should Matt Harvey’s new setting be with the Twins?

Easy answer: hell no. I mean, I wish all the best to Harvey, but the Twins don’t have roster space or time to deal with this crap. The Twins need to start winning here in a hurry, and waiting to see if Matt Harvey will figure out his entire life sounds like a bad fit. We already have enough pitchers we’re trying to fix over here anyway.

What do you guys think?