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Monday Morning Minnesota: Memories of the 2002 ALDS

Plus at least 3 more things to click!

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
This link dump is brought to you by BEEF.
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Warm weather is here, the Twins are winning games, frogs still happen to be cute. Life is good, so let’s sit back and relax on this Monday morning (in Minnesota) and read some fun links.

  • Corey Koskie himself reminisces about the 2002 ALDS’s first 3 innings where the Twins absolutely sucked. Ron Gardenhire making jokes after each horrible inning is my favorite thing. Also the line about David Ortiz “walking around with bootleg limp crackin jokes.”
  • You can never think too much about Ichiro, He was a guy who could hit homeruns on command, but didn’t because slappin’ is the one true path. I remember his aloofness and stoicism rubbing me the wrong way when he first came stateside, and I feel bad about it to this day. Forgive me, baseball, I was 11.
  • The RunnerSports’ Brad Kyle has a really interesting piece on Mexico’s little known role in breaking down the color barrier in baseball. I knew basically none of this, and if you only click one of these links, make it this one (and then all of them you horrible person.) Also we should support this Brad Kyle, for what a tragedy it must be to be born with nothing but two first names.
  • Mike Berardino of the PPress has a long write up on the story of rookie pitcher Fernando Romero who overcame both almost drowning and almost quitting.
  • Cute ducks. Quack quack!

Today’s soundtrack is a very peaceful track called BLOODY TEARS.

Holy crap, Castlevania has had so many amazing tracks I’m just going to link them all as an excuse to sit here for an hour listening to video game music and ignoring responsibilities.

Okay bye.