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Twins 6, Cardinals 0: Twins pitchers strike out 12, give up no runs

Fernando Romero sure looks like he belongs!

MLB: Minnesota Twins at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins staked Fernando Romero an early lead, and never looked back. In the top of the first Lazy Joe Mauer walked to first base. Too lazy to even hit the ball. He did get a little less lazy after that, and advanced to second on a wild pitch. Even less lazily, he scored on a double by cool German dude Max Kepler. Eddie Rosario, seeking to prove that he is just as cool as Kepler, followed with a double of his own. Kepler scored, taking the total to 2-0 Twins.

In the bottom of the first, Fernando Romero struck out two batters, sandwiched around a fantastic catch by Eddie Rosario (also a cool guy, afterall.)Romero only faced four batters this inning. Total strikeouts: 2

The bottom of the second saw more of the same: four total batters, and two more strikeouts for Romero. Total strikeouts: 4

Rinse and repeat for the bottom of the third. Four more batters, two more strikeouts. Total strikeouts: 6

Top of the fourth, and the Twins decided to extend their lead. Eduardo Escobar singled, and was driven to third on another single, this one by Robbie Grossman. Scruffy biker guy Bobby Wilson sacrificed himself on a fly ball, and brought home the big horse.

Fernando Romero kept rolling in the fourth as well. He added another K to his stats. Total strikeouts: 7

The next inning was led off by a hit batsman, as Romero plunked the recently called-up Carson Kelly. Apparently it was suggested that the two were settling some bad blood from the minors, but who really knows. Another strikeout this inning as well. Total strikeouts: 8

Eduardo Escobar started the Twins back up in sixth with a walk. Robbie Grossman did another good thing, and doubled to score Escobar, and chase John Gant from the game. In the bottom of the inning, Romero added one last strikeout to his total. Final count: 9 strikeouts for the starter.

In the seventh inning, Trevor Hildenberger took over, and added another strikout to the team’s total. Total strikeouts: 10

More good things happened for Twin hitters in the 8th. Eddie Rosario hit a double. Robbie Grossman singled and scored Rosario. Grossman scored on a double by Bobby Wilson. I didn’t see the play, but I assume Wilson hit that ball about a mile, because he is really, really slow.

Matt Magill came out for the bottom half of the eighth inning, and for the first time today, the Twins went three outs without striking out a man. Total count, still 10

Magill made up for his indiscretion in the ninth, by striking out two batters. Total strikouts: 12


Fernando Romero; 6IP, 9K, 0ER

Robbie Grossman; 3-for-4, 2 RBI, double

Bobby Wilson; 1-for-3, 2 RBI, double



Roll Call


TeamCrazyMatt: I Fitbit what you’re saying

Making fun of autocorrect, and an in-joke. Matt had it all tonight.

That’s a wrap on this one folks. We’ll see you tomorrow for the day game!