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Twins 7, Indians 4: Berrios, EDs snap losing stretch

In a rematch of April’s island pitching duel, the Twins won in less than sixteen innings this time.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
This is the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. She probably enjoyed having a day off.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

After an eight-game stretch which saw the Twins go 1-7 and fall 6.5 GB division-leader Cleveland, it wasn’t exactly like this was a must-win game on June 1 ... but it kinda felt like it.

Jose Berrios started the night with an 11-pitch walk to certified Twins slayer Francisco Lindor (he’s an everybody-slayer, really), and it seemed like maybe La Maquina might follow the lead of Fernando Romero & Jake Odorizzi in getting pummeled early. Berrios got out of that unscathed, and it was was time for the EDs.

Eduardo Escobar gave Minnesota a two-out, three-run dong. Not to be out-ED-ed, Eddie Rosario added a two-out RBI in the second inning. He’d end up being intentionally walked later in the game. TWICE. (Even after Miguel Sano made the first time pay.)

Rosario (a possible All-Star, per Twins beat scribe Rhett Bollinger) also made some nice running catches in left field, which was a plus because you can never count Cleveland’s sssssmokin’ offense out. They can small-ball it, as they did to make the score 4-2; they can launch it the way Edwin Encarnacion (the Evil ED) did to make it 6-4.

C’mon, Bollinger ... only one Twins All-Star ED?

Escobar provided some insurance with his seventh-inning stroker, then Minnesota’s beleaguered bullpen would hold Cleveland to a couple of stranded runners. Trevor Hildenberger looks a lot closer to last year’s form, Zach Duke looks like the squad’s top lefty, and — brace yourselves — Fernando Rodney has allowed one run in his last 12 games. He was perfect tonight; that’s the FRE!

Again, it’s not as though 7.5 GB is insurmountable with 109 games left. 5.5 is a lot happier, ain’t it? Robot Roll Call:

Comment of the Game Thread goes to TeamCrazyMatt: “Finally here, TIME TO WATCH BASEBA..... oh it’s the ninth inning.” Special credit for being the first commenter in about an hour, because the rest of you all changed the channel to watch Blue Bloods. But seriously, folks, thanks as always for stopping by, you make it fun.

Comment of the Radio Broadcast goes to Dan Gladden for saying that Twins backup-backup Brian Wilson “was a #1 draft pick.” Well, sure, if you don’t count the 1416 guys drafted first. Still, most of them aren’t in the bigs, so good on you, Brian!