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Thursday Twins: Addison Reed is no longer the set up man

Also, Miguel Sano’s biggest weakness, Sports page nihilism, hot Eds, and inspiring children

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
  • Addison Reed is apparently no longer the set up man. The Twins are moving him to lower leverage situations in an effort to “reset” him. Apparently he is a cyborg or something? No word yet on who will be stepping up into those spots. Knowing this team, it will probably be Matt Belisle or something, right?
  • Chris Hine points out the major flaw in Miguel Sano’s game — He is really, really, really bad at hitting sliders, and other teams know it. There are a bunch of good quotes from Twins’ Hitting Coach James Rowson on the topic.
  • The Rochester (MN) PostBulletin is apparently a real newspaper, and they even have a sports reporter. He thinks the Twins should go ahead and starting looking into the future. If you sense a bit of derision here, its because although the main take is reasonable, he says some silly things. You know how last year everyone thought Kepler couldn’t hit lefties? Well, this article now states that he can’t hit righties.
  • You know how the Ed’s have been on fire lately? They are starting to get some well-deserved national attention. Here is a nice write up over at fansided. Even SI has noticed Eduardo Escobar, and there is a nice break down of how a change in his launch angle has paid dividends. It’s complete with charts and graphs and fun things like that. Depending on your definition of fun I guess
  • In a bit of inspirational news, the Twins had a unique visitor to throw out the first pitch the other day. They were the halfway point on an eight-year old with a 3D-printed throwing hand’s quest to throw out the first pitch in every MLB park.