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Thursday Twins: Finding bright spots in the darkness

Eddie Rosario, Eduardo Escobar, and Joe Mauer are being the light we need; an Ervin Santana update; and an old friend getting promoted.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not yet time to despair, Twins fans! The season is still young, but if you are feeling a bit down about the team, here are some bright spots to focus on.

  • Eddie Rosario is one of the best stories for the Twins right now, and Fangraphs looks at just how far he has come from being an almost-forgotten prospect, to the best player to come out of the mid-2010’s loaded farm system so far. They also looked at some of the adjustments that have gotten him there.
  • As usual, Rosario isn’t our only noteworthy Ed. CBS Sports made an “all-surprise” team, and they picked Eduardo Escobar, which probably isn’t a surprise for people who have watched him this year.
  • By this weekend, Ervin Santana, Miguel Sano, and Jorge Polanco could be key players for their team. Unfortunately, that team is not the one Twins fans probably planned on. Still, it’s good to see Santana progressing in his rehab. The Twins could use him back soon.
  • Speaking of things that could happen this weekend, Joe Mauer is poised to pass Kirby Puckett on several Twins leader boards. As soon as Sunday, Mauer could become the player to play the most games for the Twins. Harmon Killebrew has more in the organization (as do several old timey Senators,) but not all of Killebrew’s games were played after the team moved to Minnesota. That isn’t the only leader board Mauer is nearing the top of either.
  • Elsewhere in the AL Central, Ron Gardenhire look-alike and (now former) Tigers pitching coach Chris Bosio was fired for insensitive comments. His replacement will be old friend Rick Anderson. Can we assume the Tigers will be pitching to contact in the near future? This story is definitely not a bright spot, but at least it happened to a rival, and not us, right?